The 13th Gift of Christmas   The Battle Lord Saga
  36 Exposures Breachers The D'Jacques Dynasty
1000 of You Cut Glass: Jewels  
AEquana  The Dream Merchant Beauty's Alien Beast
Bequeathed Every Memory of You The Charm
Breath of Christmas Firelight Deep
Castle's Keep From Out of the Shadows A Different Yesterday
Deities Lionmeade The Final Pleasure
A Faerie's Tale   Miracle
Fly Me to the Moon Orrora  The Gifted
Giselle Peter and His Wolf  HeartFast
Healer of the Heart Possession  His by Right
I'm Not Ehrynn Rose  Qitirin His Last Request
Jones & Jones Coming Soon!  Slash Knight of Darkness
Sandeflay    Subwoofers Lord of Thunder
Secret Identity Wrynter Mine Until Midnight
Stone   My Strength, My Power, My Love
Tall, Tall Trees CONTEMPORARY Neverwylde
Your Heart, My Home  Sand Castle Rhea 41070
   When the Heart Whispers Runner's Moon  

  Hip Pocket Romances
Coming Soon!  The Chance
Vall's Will
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