A Horrific Short Story
Word Count:  2.2K
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A young woman discovers there's a penalty for having excessive non-payments to her credit card company.




           Several things battered my abused senses all at once—the slatted bench I was sitting on, the black and white checkerboard floor tile under my feet that was smeared with redness, the blood dripping from my fingertips and watchband. A piece of something hanging from the tip of my nose. Images floated around me half-noticed, unimportant.

            A tissue dabbed at my face. When it pulled away, I saw it was spotted with blood. Voices faded in and out.

            "I don't know how--"

            "Have you talked to any of the other eyewitnesses?"

            "Oh, God, I can't believe it! Oh, God. Oh, my God!" This last voice was soft, very soft, and full of raw horror. Then I realized it was mine.

            "...exploded, Officer. Blooey!"