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Sweet Contemporary Christian Romance
Word Count: 22K
$2.99 e / $7.50 p / $6.95 a
Sweet Contemporary Christian Christmas Romance
Word Count: 18.6K
$2.99 e / $7.50 p


After getting a call to the warehouse district, firefighter Knox Norville was ready to write it off to arson. The abandoned buildings are home to many vagrants and drug addicts, but he arrives ready to do his job regardless. He wasn’t expecting the effect this call would have on his life...or the one decision he made that could possibly ruin him forever.

By saving one young woman, and going back to look for her dog, he thought he was doing the right thing, not neglecting his duties. But what he soon learns hits hard, and his conscience eats at him. One horrible thing after another on the worst day of his life lands him a hefty fine, community service, and possible jail time, but is it all divine intervention?

Jenise Danziger had nothing physically, but through her faith, she had everything she needed, except maybe a permanent home for herself and Corky, her faithful companion. But she trusted that in time God would provide, and put her exactly where she's supposed to be. And just maybe that was in the arms of her rescuer.


It’s supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year, but Leyland Scott is down in the dumps. It’s his first Christmas since losing his mom, it’s possible his job of over twenty years is about to be axed, and he just can’t find it in himself to care about anything really. Except for one thing—Lynette who works at the coffee shop. She’s the only bright spot in his day.

Lynette is fairly new in town, having made the move to the big city a few months ago to find herself. She’s struggling to make ends meet but she’s determined to prove she can make it. During that short time, she’s become interested in Leyland, who frequents the coffee shop. And when he finally asks her out, she’s skeptical at first but agrees, only to discover she’s happy she did.

The two have a common concern when they hear the wildly enthusiastic, if a bit (all right, a lot) out of tune Christmas carols being belted out by an underdressed kid wearing angel wings and no shoes. It’s freezing outside, with snow covering the ground, but the boy appears unfazed and continues merrily singing his heart out in front of passersby. No one knows who the kid is, but Harold, as they end up naming him, seems to know them all.

Normally not a religious man, Leyland has a change in spirit. The angel boy seems to deliver a message, letting him know this is his opportunity for a fresh start. He’s told when one door closes, another door opens. Perhaps God, with the help of Harold, has opened that door. If that’s true, Leyland is ready to go through it with Lynette.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Maybe it’s also time for a new beginning for them both.