12 Timely Tales of Terror
Word Count:  24.5K
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     Epistaxis—Actual vampires don’t need fangs in order to feed.

2:22     Starlight, Starbright—An astronaut defies orders not to return to Earth, but he does anyway…with dire consequences.

3:33     Rescue—Two detectives go in search of thirteen missing children and the person responsible for their disappearances.

4:44     Forecast—A bizarre weather phenomenon envelopes a city.

5:55     Firewood—He was warned about going into the forest to gather firewood.

6:66     Sniffy—A young boy grieves for his beloved pet.

7:77     Fortune—A teenager is informed he’s going to meet his fate that evening.

8:88    Karma—An abused woman’s husband gets his just desserts.

9:99     Second Date—He only dates young women with a unique personality or physical makeup.

10:10   100 Strokes—To combat her thinning hair, she thought she’d use an old tried-and-true method.

11:11   Mosquitoes—Her job was to test the blood of mosquitoes for possible signs of infectious diseases.

12:12   Protector—He promised he would protect her until his dying day.