Excerpt from Music And Tea

ďIím a Little TeapotĒ



Here are some new verses to add to a familiar tune. Work with your students to create their own new lyrics, and add gestures to illustrate them when they sing.



1.    Iím a little bandaid, flat and thin.

I cover boo-boos from toe to chin.

If you get a cut or scrape or scratch,

Slap me on. Iím a first-aid patch!


2.    Iím a big umbrella opened wide.

I keep you save and I keep you dry.

When it comes a rainstorm or the sun,

Spread me out and have some fun!


3.    Iím a little twinkle on a star.

I carry moonbeams in a jar.

Dreams and hopes and wishes, take your pick.

I will grant them quick, quick, quick!


4.    Iím a little sticker on your chest.

I show that youíve done your best.

When you show your teacher youíve worked hard.

You will earn a great reward!


5.    Iím a furry kitten in a tree.

Will you come to rescue me?

Send the trucks and firemen from the town.

When theyíre here, Iíll just climb down!


6.    Iím a simple song that you can sing.

Open your mouth and let it ring!

Sing it in the morning, noon, and night.

Sing it to your heartís delight!