Randy as a Goat
Sweet But Naughty Humorous Paranormal Romance
Word Count 17.5K
$1.99 e / $7.50 p / $6.04 a


Randy Greebley is your typical teenage boy, with the typical teenage boy issues, except for one big difference – when he gets horny, he t ends to get “horny.” Literally. His feelings for his best friend Cricket have grown recently, and it’s becoming more than obvious, making it harder for him to hide his other side whenever he sees her.  

A nerdy, middle-class farm boy, Randy doesn’t really have a lot to offer Cricket, but he can’t let graduation pass without letting her know his true feelings. Can Randy get up the courage to reveal his secret and tell her how he truly feels? Does she feel the same, or will he always be stuck in the friendzone?

A senior class trip to the water park could be the hardest test of all for them both.