Paranormal Horror Short Story
Word Count:  5.7K

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It was meant to be a long weekend, semi-vacation at their favorite tourist trap, New York City.

You've heard the old wives' tales of alligators in the sewers? What the Duchins discovered was much, much worse.


            She pointed to the floor. “Look at that.”

            “Look at what?” He glanced downward.

            “There’s a drain in the middle of the bathroom floor.”

            He took a step back, then shook his head. “Where?”

            “Right there.” She tapped the glass to indicate a spot right next to his shoe.

            Her husband snorted. “You’re probably seeing the reflection of the shower’s drain in the glass.”

            Gina narrowed her eyes. “That’s what I thought at first, but that one’s different from the one in here,” she insisted.

            “How?” Opening the shower door a little, he stuck his head inside and tried to see what she was indicating. “I don’t see it, Gina. What do you mean, it’s different?”

            She double-checked the drain at her feet and compared it to the one she saw in the glass. “Look. This one in here is silver, with little circles. That one outside is brownish, with an X in the center of it, and four triangular-shaped holes for the water to go down.”

            She watched as he observed the drain in the shower, then tried to see the one he said was reflected in the glass. He eventually shook his head.

            “Sorry, but I don’t see another drain in the glass. And there is no drain in the floor out here, either.” He tossed her a worried look. “You’re probably overly tired.”

            “You think I’m imagining things,” she halfway accused.

            “I think you’re tired from the trip. Hurry up and get out of there. Looks like you won’t need to take a sleeping pill tonight.” Adding a smile, her husband left.