The Rental Series
Book 1 - Ta'Kall
Sci-Fi Romance
Word Count: 31.4K
$2.99 e / $10.99 p / $14.95 a


In need of extra income, Dane Caravelle applies for a new program that allows other people to “rent” her and lets them essentially live her life. This groundbreaking scientific technology is meant to allow those who may be disadvantaged or disabled to experience a normal life. Although it requires rigorous testing to become a rental, Dane is ecstatic when she’s approved.

She’s nervous in the beginning and is assured she won’t even know when her renter is observing her unless she checks the app, but that hasn't been her experience. Nudges here and there. Feeling as if someone is watching her. And was that a man she saw reflected in her eyes when she looked in the mirror? The program promised only females would be paired with females. Who is he? Or rather, what is he?

The nudges turn into phone calls, then voicemails, and she quickly learns that we’re definitely not alone in this universe. There are others other there, other species from other worlds, and they’re just looking to survive…or so she’s told. Despite warnings from her friends, she agrees to help the stranger. But is this “alien” real, or is she being led on? Either way, she discovers she’s grown to care for him.

And that’s just the beginning of her problems.

Warning! Contains two-second voicemails, strange science, stranded aliens, a phone app, grocery shopping, once for yes - twice for no, and an improbable love that began galaxies apart. 

Book 2 - Jory
Sci-Fi/Contemporary Fantasy Romance
Word Count: 28.8K
$2.99 e / $10.99 p / $6.95 a


Megan Kolt has been trapped, a prisoner in her own body, for the past six years. Her husband, Turner Kolt, has watched her slowly waste away in a coma, but he’s been assured her brain is functioning and she still has her senses. When offered a chance for his wife to live vicariously through someone else through a fairly new service from Rall Rentals, he wants to let his wife experience…something. Anything.

Wanting to use her own life to help others, Jory Wittenhouse applies for the Rall Rentals program to allow others who are less fortunate to live through her. After vigorous testing, she’s approved and given a special case, not the usual disabled or handicapped client. The renter is completely comatose and paralyzed, but still reacts to stimuli. She’s told the woman’s family wants her to spend whatever time she has left being happy, and Jory wants to give her that.

Turner has his reservations, and questions are raised. He proposes the opportunity to meet the rental, if she’s willing, to put his own mind at ease, under the guise of letting Megan see his face one last time. He wasn’t expecting her to be perfect. For Megan, that is.

He wants Megan to experience what it’s like to be alive again, to be loved, and that’s why he’s attracted to Jory. Because Megan is in there somewhere, or so he’s trying to convince himself to ease the guilt. But as much as he wants Megan to live again, Turner isn’t living himself.

Time and love will make that decision for him.

Warning! Contains chicken parmesan, a rare exception, Taco Tuesday, a man whose love and patience knew no bounds, and a woman who found herself loving a man she knew she couldn't have.