Erotic Paranormal Horror Short Story
Word Count:  7.2K

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Amanda Storey was sent by her company to a tiny rural town to convince the community that having a chain mega-supermarket built there would be a boon to their economy and job market.
She never showed up for the town hall meeting, even though the company insists she was scheduled to be there.  The inn where she had reservations claimed she never checked in, and police have not found any trace of her body or her car.

This is what really happened.



             It was after eight, the sun had gone down over an hour ago, and Amanda Storey had no idea where the hell she was. Her cell phone, with its global positioning app, had bitten the dust thirty miles ago, thanks to the plug for the adapter malfunctioning in her car. That left her with trying to find her way by using a regular old highway map she’d bought at the convenience store during her last pit stop. To say she was pissed would have been a major understatement.

            Pulling off onto the side of the two-lane road, she reached for said map sitting in the passenger seat and squinted at it in the glare of the ceiling lamp. Her destination was no bigger than a pinprick in the middle of nowhere, with its name in print the size that would actually fit on the head of that pin.


            “Who the fuck names a town Itsy?”

            The ear worm was back, insinuating its god-awful tune of Itsy Bitsy, Teeny Weenie, Yellow Polka Dot Bikini into her tired brain. She was ready to give up. Throwing the map back into the seat, she pulled back onto the deserted road and kept heading in the direction she’d been going. According to the map, Itsy lay somewhere up ahead. She was bound to get there sooner or later.

            Probably by next week.

            “Damn you, Milton Dawles.”

            It was his fault she was here in the first place because he was too chicken shit to face these people on his own. No, he’d rather dangle her over the pit, offering her up as a sacrifice to these inbred hillbillies.

            The road stretched before her endlessly. Straight ahead, no curves, no small hills to break the monotony, and nothing but miles and miles of flat, open farmland on both sides of her as far as she could see. She hadn’t passed a single vehicle for the past fifty or sixty miles. But according to the main office, it was just the place to set up a RiteCost. Sometimes she wondered how the developers at headquarters chose the locations to build one of their mega stores. Did they throw a dart at a map? Did they have someone doing aerial reconnaissance to pick a spot big enough to fit one the mega stores and parking lot? Because this place was as isolated as Dr. Livingstone in the Amazonian jungle.

            A tiny green sign flashed by so fast, she didn’t get the chance to read it. Hitting the brakes, she put the car into reverse and backed up until she could see it again in her headlights.

            Itsy 14 Miles

            By God, there really was a place called Itsy. “My cup runneth over,” she dryly murmured.

            The fourteen miles seemed endless. At last, Amanda caught the faint glimmer of light on the horizon. As she drew nearer, the lights of the town became more focused. There weren’t many of them, she noted. “Probably trying to save on their electric bill.”

            The city limits sign passed by.


            Pop. 221

            “Oh, wow, Milton. You guys really had to scrounge to find this place, didn’t you?”

            But she knew there was more to the stats than just this town. There were all the other little towns and burgs in this county, and within the surrounding counties, that the company considered. It wasn’t just the immediate population. It was the combined population that made the executives determine whether or not to build a RiteCost at that location.

            Whether the locals wanted a RiteCost built in their back yards or not.



Reviewed by Claudia, Manic Readers

Amanda Storey works for RiteCost, and has been sent to the little town of Itsy, Oklahoma to try and persuade the town’s people that having the mega-store built in their small community will benefit everyone. When her reservation at the town inn has been filled, she finds another room at a little bed and breakfast. The only problem is the B&B has more in store for her then just a bed to sleep in.

The Tub kept me interested the entire time. There was sex, albeit horrific toward the end, and horror that had me widening my eyes in shock. I don’t want to say too much and give the story away, but all I have to say is when Amanda pulled that head out of the water, I felt my stomach turn. The horror was definitely there, and despite this being a very short tale, it packed quite a punch!

Reviewed by Stephantois, Whipped Cream Reviews

Amanda Storey has been sent to Itsy to convince the town a Ritecost store is just what they need.

I have to admit this was my first time reading erotic horror and after finishing this story I’ll definitely be looking for more and more stories by this author.

This story opens quickly and the author does a great job at offering the ‘something’s creepy’ about Itsy that all good horror stories require. You know something bad will befall Amanda, and you feel more uneasy as the story progresses. By the time she arrives at the bed and breakfast you know she’s not checking out, but what exactly will happen to her? The author made it so entertaining that I wanted to read on. Her demise is the erotic part of this story, and there’s no man involved so it might not be for die hard romance fans. The dialogue is natural sounding, sometimes witty and the characters well drawn.

If, like me, you want to try reading erotic horror, this is a good pick.


Reviewed by Carey, Toot's Book Reviews

Audiobook Review - This little ditty reminds of a story you'd find in an anthology book of great horror authors. It's basically a "what happens when a big corporation sends a delegate to the small town they want to build in?". Well they seek revenge of course and maybe send you to your grave with a smile on your face because that's what small town hospitality is all about of course.

If you're just needing a small dark bite of a short story, maybe while waiting for the kids or the doctor, give this one a try.