Contemporary Fantasy Romance
Word Count: 27.8K
$2.99 e / $6.99 p

Note: This is a sweet romance, but it does contain language and scenes of violence.


Itís another night on the job for Deputy Sheriff Barbara Mero, giving chase to a suspect in a stolen vehicle. But when someone beats her to the perp, sheís not sure whether to step in or not. Before she can stop him, a sledgehammer-wielding bearded biker on a red Harley delivers his own punishment, but with his parting words, Babs isnít so sure heís another bad guy.

After further investigation, Babs knows this vigilante ďSantaĒ meant well, but thereís no proof he was even there. And after a few more run-ins with the red-cloaked badass, sheís torn between duty and justice, but in her heart she knows heís the real deal.

You see, thereís a side of the story of Santa that doesnít get told, and thatís where Dominik comes in. Being the twin to Kris, Domís job isnít near as merry, though still necessary, answering the letters from the kids who want more than just toys. Those who want a better, safer life, food, and shelter. Basic needs a kid shouldnít have to wish for on Christmas. Although heís accepted his own lot in life, Dominik still has one regret. Itís a lonely life. 

Thereís another side to jolly old Saint Nick, and he ainít a saint.

Warning! Contains German chocolate cake, a modified red Harley, Sadie, justice served, a child's letter to Santa, a coffee date, and the promise of love when no hope of love had ever existed.