Paranormal/Contemporary Fantasy/Romantic Suspense
Word Count:  56.7K
$3.99 e / $9.99 p


In today’s society, vampires are mostly accepted, though there are still those who don’t think vamps deserve to be trusted. Truth is they’re far superior to humans in every way, and a huge asset to the military and law enforcement. That’s where Saoirse Bronner comes in as one of the newest vamp officers on the force. When humans and vamps both start turning up dead, what better way to solve the case than to have humans and vamps working together?

Saoirse is teamed up with Detective Jake Valenti, who has his reservations at first about working with a vamp, but he quickly learns what an asset she is and how much he can learn from her. But personal feelings for the vamp were not expected at all. They adopt an honesty is the best policy approach for their partnership, and Jake soon learns she’s not all that different—other than the occasional need for blood to survive. And she really is far superior to humans, both physically and for his heart.

The police are trying to prove the lies the media is spreading about vamps isn’t true, but with the cases all pointing to vamps as the instigators isn’t helping their image. Tensions are high between vamps and humans, and a relationship between Jake and Saoirse will raise issues, but their time together could be ended before it even has time to start.

Dead vamps, dead humans, missing blood thinners, and a shady underground group. What does it all mean? Together, can they crack the case as well as protect their growing feelings for each other?

Warning! Contains mugs of warm blood, a handcuff key, hay and horse shit, mutual trust, and two people discovering the depths of their attraction to each other, even though they're two different species.