Excerpt from Every Little Thing She Does is Magic

           Gus clasped his hands in his lap as dread and apprehension fought for control. After talking himself into confiding to a woman he’d mentally pictured as someone’s granny, the sight of this beautiful young woman now had him totally flummoxed.

            She’s a witch, he continued to silently remind himself. She’s also a professional, if there is such a thing. How do you refer to someone of her ability?

            “What do I call you?” he blurted out.

            The woman appeared surprised. Her eyes widened, making it clear she hadn’t expected him to ask that question. For the first time he noticed how green her eyes were. Combined with the wild mane of curly black hair surrounding her face, her looks were bewitching. Furthermore, something twinkled by her nose. He intently focused on her face, hoping to see it again. It wasn’t until she adjusted herself in her chair that he realized it was a tiny diamond stud.

            “You may call me Syan.”

            “Syan.” It was an exotic name, and suited her perfectly. He almost smiled when she repeated her question.

            “Mr. Balfour, how can I help you?”

            “Uhh.” His gaze dropped to his crotch. Think of her as a doctor. Think of her as a professional. Swallowing hard, he bit the bullet. “I have a little penis.”

            Her expression never changed. “Go on.”

            “Wait. Aren’t you supposed to read my palm? Or look into a crystal ball, or something?”

            A tiny smile played around her full lips. “I’m a witch, Mr. Balfour. Not a fortune teller. If you want your future predicted, I can point you to Madam Claudia. She’s just a fifteen minute drive from here.”

            “I’m sorry. It’s just that…”

            “You’re nervous. I can understand. Let’s continue. Tell me more about your penis.”

            “It’s little.”


            “And that’s it.”

            After a few moments, she sat up straighter. “Well, it’s obvious I’m going to need a bit more information before I have an idea what needs to be done to help cure you. How little is your penis?”

            “Three inches.”

            “Well, Mr. Balfour, many men have small penises—”

            “When it’s fully erect.” He waited for it and wasn’t disappointed.

            She blinked. “Fully erect?”


            “Has it always been—”

            “Yes. As long as I can remember.”

            She chewed on the corner of her lower lip. “Are you circumcised?”

            “No. So you can throw the theory that a doctor could be responsible for this out the window.”

            She gave a nod, confirming his suspicion. “Are you a virgin, Mr. Balfour?”


            Her eyebrows rose. “No?”

            Dragging his fingers through his hair, Gus decided enough was enough. If he had any expectation that this pretty young woman might be able to help him, he had to stop beating around the bush.