Hunter reached over and snagged the comm from his wife’s hand. Star gave him a knowing smirk. "They know," she commented.

"I never said they didn’t," he grinned in return. "Our fellow Guardians aren’t just known for their powers. There’s a couple with some brains, too."

He lowered his head and ran his velvet-rough tongue over the upper swells of her breasts. Star shivered from his touch. "Don’t start something again we might not have time to finish," she half-jested as she grabbed a handful of his dark hair.

"I’m willing to take the risk," she heard him murmur against her skin. He was a heart-numbing warmth and weight on top of her, and she would give anything for it to be after hours where they could remain in bed to talk a little more. And love a little slower. And tease a little longer, perhaps sharing a bite or two in the process. Already she could feel the aching heat beginning to throb its burgeoning rhythm between her thighs again, even though not much time had passed since their last passionate encounter. She moved slightly, enough to give him wider access, and lifted one knee. His hand ran up the outside of her leg, shifted direction, and slowly descended inside along the satin expanse toward her moistened recesses.

Star closed her eyes and drifted in the ocean of feelings her husband evoked in her. In the primal urges that kept her perpetually hungry for him, and the incredible love and warmth that flooded every atom of her body.

Like now.

How long ago had it been? Surely not more than a half-hour. She had been up in the ceiling of the transport bay, working on getting the support beams in place. One of them had been particularly obstinate in settling in, so she had given it a little kick. The beam had drifted, and snagged a portion of her body suit at the ankle. No big deal. The suit was made to self-seal, unless the rip or tear was too big.

She’d drifted down to the ground so she could check and readjust the fabric when Hunter had popped in to let her know she had become the center of attention for the tour group watching nearby. After tossing them a playful kiss and a wink, she and Hunter had gone back over to check with Corona to see where they’d be needed next. All the while his hand had rested on her hip, keeping her next to him. His touch had sent sparks racing over her skin, making her clench her thighs together. He’d sensed her rising urges, and Star felt him spread his fingers before pressing her closer to him.

Suddenly he’d let her go, but not before brushing his hand lightly along her buttocks. So quickly, there was no way any of the others standing with them would have caught it, but she had felt it. A light brush that had turned the sparks into tiny trails of fire. She’d glanced over at him. Their eyes had met, and she knew immediately he would have slammed her against the nearest wall to take her if he could.

She’d nearly groaned at the delicious thought.

What surprised them both was when Corona had suggested they take a quick break before checking with Deceiver to see where he wanted them to go next, since she needed to check with him first to see how far along they were, and what still needed to be done. Star barely had time to open her mouth to acknowledge when Hunter whisked them away to their apartment.

As his tongue continued to lay a wet path around her bare breasts, Star wriggled her hips, just enough feel his erection rising back to attention. His hot mouth closed over an already stiff nipple, making her lift herself in expectation.

"You’re incorrigible," she gasped.

"I’m in love, and we didn’t have a long enough honeymoon."

Her answering giggle made her breast dance in his mouth. "My love, twenty years wouldn’t be a long enough honeymoon for you," she teased.

"Is that a complaint?"

"Mmm, more like a-"

The emergency claxon froze their blood with its sudden, ear-splitting shriek. It took them a full three seconds to gather their thoughts, and they simultaneously rolled out of bed in opposite directions, reaching for their clothing in their haste to answer the summons.