Excerpt from Suckers

Mary Elizabeth hustled back into the studio with a brown box in her hands. "Aaron, that was a courier. I signed for you."

"What is it?" he called, stepping back out into the open.

"I dunno. From a company called Oral Fixations?"

A big smile brightened his face almost immediately. "Oh, yeah! Ive been waiting for that. Talk about luck!" He went over to the small table where he kept his prop materials, and opened the package. After removing a layer of bubble wrap, he lifted out something purple on a stick. Felicia squinted to see what it was.

"Hey, not bad," Aaron commented almost to himself. He inspected the item, then pulled a second and third item from the box. The second one was pinkish, but the third was a wild rainbow of colors. The third one Aaron handed over to Mary Elizabeth, who stared at it in fascination.

Curiosity got the better of her. "What is it?" Felicia called out.

"Yeah. What do they call this?" the makeup artist asked.

Aaron glanced at the paper included in the package. "Its one of several new products this company wants to start advertising in select magazines. I spoke to them yesterday, and they said theyd send over a few samples. This one is called Dick on a Stick."

He threw part of his grin over at Felicia. "I had thought about having either you or Roxie for the shoot. But since youre already here, guess you win out. I want to get some test shots done up for the client, and if they approve, we can go from there. Got the time?"

Did she have the time? Other than a trip to the market and a date with the latest Pitt movie just out on DVD, shed made no other plans. Felicia flashed him her best photogenic smile. "Bring it on!"