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Comments sent in by fans:

There's just something about your books that make them seem more realistic than other science fiction romances. I always enjoy your books.
I no like you right now.....
I'm staying up later and later to finish the book, I haven't finished it yet and it's making me upset because I have to go to sleep and work.
"You have incredible character expression. Where the imagery of the character (Tiron was exceptional) makes them real with amazing depth."
"I tell my friends you have got to read these books!  The sex is steamy, the characters are believable, the romance is tender, and the sex is steamy!  Did I repeat myself?"
"You tell a romance story that plays like a motion picture in your mind."
"It's sensuousness in print."
"These stories stick with you long after you've read and re-read them."
"Your stuff is so good.  You got an exciting story and characters you wish you can get to know on a real life level.  You got the romance and love.  Your books would make terrific movies!"
"Every book is different.  Every story is thrilling.  Every hero and heroine are so real they feel alive.  I'm amazed by the variety."
"Where do you come up with all your ideas?  Just when I think I know what kind of story it's going to be, you surprise me!"
"You haven't disappointed me yet!"
"I USED TO not like science fiction romances.  Notice that I said USED TO."