Reviews for 36 Exposures

Reviewed by Alisha, Two Lips Reviews

Jolee Wiley is sweating like a pig in this hot weather, her feet hurt from walking in heels, she is late for a meeting and the traffic light gods are definitely pissed at her. Suddenly she stumbles over something that could have broken her ankle. It’s a roll of film and developing the pictures gives her the shock of her life as she sees herself in the images.

Mike Ownsby has searched for his soul mate for a long time and now he is running out of time. To top it off he has lost the film container with pictures of his soul mate! How will he ever find her now?

Linda Mooney creates a wonderful fantasy and feel good read in 36 Exposures. This is not an overly erotic story, but the sweetness of the characters is so engrossing that the story became etched in my mind. 36 Exposures is a brief book but one that I plan to read again and again.

Reviewed by Morna, Red Roses for Authors

Jolee almost falls when stepping on a film cannister. She picks it up and slips it into her pocket. After a presentation, which did not go well, she decides to have the film developed in the hope of discovering who it belongs to. She is in for a big surprise!

This is an enjoyable fun story where dreams come true!
Reviewed by Krista, Coffee Time Romance

Jolee Wiley is sick of dating and wants only to find her other half. She has no idea of where to look, so when asked out, she rarely says no. Her best friend cheers her on and tries to help her. Since Jolee is a plus size girl, things look different for her.

Mike Owensby is running out of time. He has dreamed about his soul mate but cannot find her, even though she is right under his nose. Losing his roll of film with pictures of her makes things worse because he cannot remember what she looks like. He can only hope to find the film in time to find his one true love.

Being late for work is common for Jolee. When she almost twists her ankle on a canister of film, she picks it up and is surprised to see herself in almost every shot. It does not make sense to her, but since her last date was quite a while ago, she decides the woman in the pictures is her double and realizes she should return the film to the owner. The meeting is set up and the man of her dreams walks through her door. Or is it only a dream?

Ms. Mooney is a fabulous writer who delves deep into emotions. This story captivated me from the beginning and I could not put it down. Jolee and Mike have the same idea in mind, but to find each other will not be easy at first. Their love is full of passion and comfort. Jolee needs to learn what Mike already knows; they must enjoy every moment while it is there. This beautiful fantasy will be one that you do not want to see end. Please check it out, it is well worth your time!

Reviewed by Melanie, Enchanting Reviews

Let me tell you about Jolee Wiley. A woman who has a habit of not getting there on time. But one day, this might play in her favor. She finds something that could change her life for ever. But will she have the courage to run with it? She has never seen herself as a person to take risks but you never know until you reach out and take it.

Let me tell you about Mike Owensby. A man of mystery who has the qualities every woman is looking for, and who seems too good to be true. A man who seems to show up at the right time and place almost like he knew he was supposed to be there.

This is the story of a woman who has almost given up on finding Mr. Right. And about the man trying to find the woman whom he has dreamed about. But can he find her before it is too late? And will she believe that he truly cares for her?

I liked this story. It had all the elements of a good book. It has mystery, romance, and fantasy. All the things I like in a story. I would love to learn more about these characters and the genre they live in. In my humble opinion, this has series written all over it. The only thing I did not like about it is it was not LONG enough. No fair Linda, don’t tease the Bookworm. LOL

Now what can I say about Linda Mooney. A kindergarten teacher by day and a great writer by night. Sounds like a Superheroine to me. Keep them coming Linda. Please!!!

Reviewed by Rachel C., Fallen Angel Reviews

What would you do if you found a roll of used film? Would you develop it in the hope of finding something in the pictures to lead you to the owner? This is what Jolee finds herself doing; only she gets far more than she bargained for. The photos are of a hunk she can’t take her eyes off of; only he’s wrapped around a woman. A woman that could be Jolee’s twin, except she doesn’t have one. After placing an ad about the film in the paper, she’s contacted by a man who describes the pictures in detail, agreeing to meet to exchange them she’s confronted with the man in the pictures. He has the same effect on her in person as the photos do. But what will she do when he tells her they’re photos of his one true love?

And what will she do when he tells her they’re not of someone that looks like her but photos of her?

Linda Mooney has done a wonderful job with 36 Exposures. It’s a twist on the man of your dreams that everyone will love. Fantasizing about the man of your dreams is one thing, but seeing him in the flesh wrapped around a replica of yourself? We should all be so lucky. The man himself doesn’t show up, other than in picture, for quite a while into the story, but not having him there makes no difference to the way we feel about him. Linda Mooney brings him to life as Jolee’s ideal man and once he’s on the scene he only gets better. As a short read it’s a great cuppa break. Grab a drink, put your feet up and enjoy. I liked the story and the idea behind it. For those of us still into fairy tales, this is a true fantasy tale.