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by Jayne, Dear Author

Dear Ms. Mooney,

I honestly didnít know what to expect from this novella. The blurb seemed a little sad but hopeful at the same time. I wanted to know what was going on and how it was going to end Ė even before I knew what was happening. 

The characterization of Brindle (yes, she knows is a strange name but there was a reason for it) and Harmon is done well. I could feel her gasping for air because of the disease she has but also feel the cold in the air as she travels back to her hometown to revisit memories while she can. Harmon does seem to be too good to be true but I like to think that good people are still out there. 

There is a definite religious feel to the story which I appreciated and I was sniffing away happy tears at the end. By the time the novella finished the few little inconsistencies I noticed as I was reading didnít matter but I wonít give away why. This is definitely not the usual Christmas novella but is one that will stay with me for a while. B     


by Kassandra, Paradise Book
It's on NetGalley that I found this title which goes well with the period of the year where we are.

If at the beginning I thought that this book was a bit like "The Fault in Our Stars" by John Green, the end takes us away from it and we are more in fantasy.

I was persuaded to shed liters of tears but it's with a smile that I close this story.

The characters are nice. Brindle lugs around his oxygen tank but we don't pay attention. Hamon perfectly embodies the spirit of Christmas. Something we find less and less these days. I like his first name.

The pages scroll more or less quickly. I remind you that English is not my mother tongue. It's a short format so we don't have time to go into everything that could be.

Those who appreciate beautiful Christmas stories should be delighted.

Another author whom I didn't know but who has several titles to her credit. I'll take a closer look.
Rating : 8,2/10