Beth joins her best friend at the family ranch with the sole intention of ending her failing engagement to Susie’s brother Wyatt without destroying her friendship with Susan. Beth doesn’t expect to find that a little countrified desire can override even the most difficult circumstances.

Review: Though I found the story a little slow to start, Carolyn Gregg created charming characters. Chicken Fried Beefcake is a sweet and sexy story about finding love and self-respect in unexpected places. If you’re looking for a brief read that will leave you with a smile, then Chicken Fried Beefcake is just the thing.

~ Reviewed by Becca Dale
Bella's Erotic Reviews

Beth Runnels is ending her engagement to Wyatt Byrd, her friend Susan's brother. She caught him cheating on her and besides that he treats her terribly.  Beth deserves better than that.  She's a bit of a mess but she's been invited to the Byrd family ranch along with the whole family.  No matter how good her intentions Beth always ends up making a mess out of everything.  This time she gets her directions mixed up and has to call Susan Byrd, her friend, for help.  Beth swears she followed the directions to the letter, but Susan ends up sending out her brother Billy to rescue her.  Billy is somewhat taken with Beth from the moment he meets her, but as far as he knows she's engaged to Wyatt.

Beth, Billy and Susan are on their own at the ranch for the night, with Wyatt and his Parents due the next day.  That night Beth bumps into Billy by accident, as is her nature, and ends up landing in the pond along with a naked Billy.  It seems nature is about to take its' course with Billy.  Billy is determined to have this beautiful, independent, slightly klutzy woman right then and there. The fire between them has been ignited, and as they keep coming together it rages out of control.  Beth's engagement to Wyatt is definitely off, and Billy feels like he has to have her.  
She is perfect for him.  When Wyatt finally reaches the ranch all hell breaks loose, but then something unexpected happens.  Beth stumbles and Wyatt berates her in front of everyone, but this time Beth stands up for herself.  Now it's up to Billy to get Beth to be his before it's too late.

I was smiling and grinning throughout Chicken Fried Beefcake, enthralled with Beth and her endearingly klutzy ways. Imagine accidentally falling into a pond where a naked man is swimming. What a way to end up with the man of her dreams.  I was fascinated and found each thing that Beth did just accidentally perfect to match up with Billy.

Billy is a quiet, determined, sexy man who knows his own value and ends up falling for his brother's soon to be ex fiancée.  They are both passionate and when they came together the love scenes are scorching and very inventive.  I was charmed by the way Billy looks after Beth, treats her with love and respect as well as teaching her what a sexy desirable woman she is. Who doesn't want to find the perfect 'beefcake' of her own?

When I chose to review
Chicken Fried Beefcake I wasn't sure how it was going to be erotic and funny at the same time, but Carolyn Gregg pulls it off perfectly.  This story will take over your heart, give you something to smile about and a wonderful read all in one.  You won't want to put the book down until you have read it from cover to cover.  I know I didn't want to put it down and am now anxiously looking forward to more books from Carolyn Gregg.  This is truly a different kind of love story for the heart.

~ Reviewed by Judy King
Veiled Secrets Reviews

Elizabeth Runnels isn’t sure what got into her to get engaged to her best friend’s older brother, but after three months of Wyatt Byrd’s overbearing company and his verbal abuse, and she has had enough. Figuring that the best way to break things off would be in front of his family, Beth drives all the way from Dallas to her fiancé’s family ranch in West Texas. At least she’ll get to see her friend Susan and Susan’s parents one last time before possibly isolating herself from them for life.

When she arrives at the Flying B ranch, the first person she meets is Wyatt’s younger brother, Billy, and she is completely bowled over by him. Billy is Wyatt’s opposite in almost every way. He is a country boy from his gingham shirt to his mud-caked boots; he is gentle, generous, and very forgiving of Beth’s sometimes klutzy ways. And most important of all, he has a sense of romantic and sexual adventure that makes Beth feel alive again. Beth can’t help herself; she falls hard, she falls fast, and she knows that Billy feels the same way about her.

Beth knows that she should not become involved with Billy at the same time as officially breaking her relationship with Wyatt. Wyatt and Billy’s parents would surely condemn her for tossing over one son for the other. What kind of woman is she, anyway? Even with all of Billy’s good qualities, could she possibly be happy with a self-proclaimed hick after life in the city with a wealthy attorney?


Being an expatriate of the Deep South, I simply couldn’t resist when I saw Carolyn Gregg’s novella Chicken Fried Beefcake. Because, well, there’s just nothing like a good ole boy on his best behavior. Assuming that he’s not demanding you fetch him a beer or make him a sandwich, of course. In this story, Ms. Gregg takes all the good qualities that you could ever want in a good ole boy – tight jeans, cowboy boots, quiet confidence, kindness, intelligence, and oh did I mention tight jeans? – and rolls them up into one fabulous package by the name of Billy.

In Beth, Ms. Gregg gives us a heroine who is likeable even if she seems somewhat lacking in the common sense department. Beth is incredibly clumsy, but I think that part of her clumsiness is a self-fulfilling prophesy. She expects to trip up, therefore she does. She is very “good” in a bumbling kind of way, and while I couldn’t quite figure out why she felt the need to break up with her fiancé in front of his parents (perhaps because she likes the parents better than the fiancé?), I had no doubt that she believed it was the right and honest thing to do. In addition, Ms. Gregg does a wonderful job making Wyatt an obnoxious jerk that the reader can revile. He is so over-the-top that it is not particularly believable; however, he does make a perfect foil for the almost angelic Billy.

Billy is the anti-Wyatt: sexy and gentle with a playfulness to him that is immensely appealing. After having lived in a borderline abusive relationship with her soon-to-be-ex fiancé, Beth needs some of that gentleness and a lot of his sexual adventure. The sex scenes between these two truly do steal the show in this story; they are sensual enough to curl your toes and will most likely have you reaching for the fan to cool off. They are spontaneous and uninhibited and definitely fun. Although it may require a bit of a stretch of the imagination to believe that Beth and Billy can fall in love almost overnight, they definitely prove themselves to be compatible.

Overall, I found Chicken Fried Beefcake to be cute and sexy and fun. It made me root for Billy and Beth to find their happily-ever-after and for Wyatt (boo, hiss) to receive some sort of comeuppance. In fact, this story almost makes me want my very own pet redneck. I wonder if I’d have to travel all the way to West Texas in order to find one?

~ Reviewed by Bobby "BD" Whitney
Book Wenches

The book cover is gorgeous, the book title delicious making you hunger for a good read. You'll love to get lost in this quick leap into fun and frustration from the very first chapter with great beginnings that lure you right in like a fish on a line. The hotty hero stirs your embers from behind, in front, and anywhere else you care to look at him from the start. Humor abounds as cute klutz dating dashing jerk falls fast for his sensitive handsome hick brother on first sight in a big splash of heat.

Action and scenery fly slowly by at a moderate pace as Elizabeth (Beth) Runnels heads to her best friend Susan’s family ranch, who just happens to be her fiancé’s sister. However, since she’s there to end her unsatisfying and verbally abusive relationship with the woman’s brother, she runs a gamut of guilt until her friend reads between the lines and figures it out for herself.

Drawn to Billy Byrd, Beth can’t help but fall for his sweet charm and sexy body. The chemistry between the two is palpable right from the start! One can feel her mixed emotions as she sets about plans to dump one, and lusts after the other brother, fears of losing her best friend foreshadowing her tumultuous thoughts.

The barn scene was titillating when, even though she has no plans to escape him, Billy uses his ‘tools’ to harness her desire. There’s nothing like a little ‘vet’ talk while being examined by a hunk and a half.

The fact that the parents and the sister are good with keeping Beth in the family makes for a heartwarming tale of a happily ever after.

All at once romantic, bittersweet, and forbidden, this romance will make you ache for fulfillment not only of sensuality, but of the heart.

~ Reviewed by Ambrosia
Whipped Cream Erotic Romance Reviews