Reviews for HeartCrystal

Reviewed by Melanie, Enchanting Reviews

Letís meet our rugged hero Udo Vosstien known as Hunter by his comrades in arms. He is a very hard working young man. His word is his bond and everyone knows it. He is very much in love with his young wife Terrin known as Starlight and he is also a little worried, she is just now getting her strength back and it is almost time to return to work. All he can hope for is the best but if anything happened to her he does not think he would survive it.

Now for our heroine Terrin Vosstien known as Starlight. A young woman that would give her life for those she loved and almost did. She has came on her Honeymoon for a little rest and relaxation hoping to get to know Hunterís parents better. She is still a little tired but will soon be her old self again. But she can never forget what she had to give up to save a world - her child.

This is a story of two of the most noble of the Guardians. Hunter and Starlight were destined to become one. It started with a manipulation but ended with a dream come true. They have come to Hunterís home planet to get Starlight's strength up and on the way find out about Heart Crystals and actually get one, never dreaming that it would one day save their lives and the lives of their future children.

I loved this story; it had all the elements of my favorite Genre, SciFi romance. Ms. Mooney again has brought amazing characters to life and made them seem real. She has magic in her fingers when it comes to her stories. Her books are full of wonders and dreams, and they pull you into them and you never want to leave.

This book left me with a feeling of what it could be like to travel with such wonderful people. I cannot wait to get my hands on her next novel. She never disappoints and always leaves you wanting more. In my humble opinion she is one of the best authors EVER.

Reviewed by Lilac, Whipped Cream Erotic Reviews

In this fantastic follow-up to HeartFast, Ms. Mooney once again takes us into the fascinating world of Star Light, Master Hunter and the Guardians.

First, I want to say that this is a wonderful sequel or companion story for HeartFast, and while HeartCrystal can stand alone, it does reveal and refer to events that happened in HeartFast as it provides background for the characters. So to gain a better understanding of the characters, what they have experienced, and the world that they live in it might be best to read HeartFast first unless you donít mind a few spoilers.

As a whole, I loved HeartCrystal and its touching story. We once again meet Star and Hunter and get to see how they are adjusting to married life while honeymooning and dealing with their job. It is a big adjustment to both of them as they are both still dealing with some traumatic events and what it means to be married and do their job as Guardians. I really enjoyed watching as they deal with all the changes that married life has brought them.

Star in particular has a lot to adjust to as she isnít used to having a family. It was interesting to see how she deals with Hunterís family as they and Hunter try to make her feel at ease and loved. Her hesitancy is obvious as the story progresses and you canít help but feel for her. Hunter still worries about Star and it is touching to see his concern and love for her. The two share an obvious bond and passion that is very touching.

As for the title for the story, it comes from a fascinating concept or legend involving crystals that act as a sort of ďperfect mateĒ indicator when the right couple finds the right crystal. Star and Hunterís crystal is particularly special and plays a big part in this touching story. I really enjoyed this whole aspect of the story and how it ties into a major plotline, a plotline that came as a big surprise to me.

Once again, the author definitely knows how to blindside the reader, as well as pull at the heartstrings, as events occur that I never saw coming. I donít wish to spoil anything, but the events really touched me and I definitely shed a tear or two. This was an emotional read filled with breathtaking events and adventures that captivated me. Each page seemed to bring something new and I loved how characters and events were interconnected and everything made sense. The author did a wonderful job of weaving everything together without confusing the reader.

I also really enjoyed the secondary characters of the storyÖmainly Star and Hunterís fellow Guardians. They were all unique and fascinating and I could sense some potential for some more books as Iíd love to see more of them.

Ms. Mooney is a talented author and I look forward to reading more of her work. So if you enjoy touching futuristic romances with wonderful characters and exciting plots, then you might want to read this one.

Reviewed by Diane Mason , The Romance Studio

After a near death experience with the Ombitra, married Guardians StarLight and Master Hunter set out on their honeymoon. Where do they go but Hunterís home planet of Abernath. Why? Because Star needs the energy from Abernathís sun to complete her healing and with Hunterís family visiting Guardian Command, the newlyweds get some bonding time. Of course things donít go quite the way Hunter planned and outside life does its best to interfere. Hunterís family eventually returns home putting an end to the "honeymoon." While on a shopping expedition with Hunterís mother, Star learns about the HeartCrystal. What she learns sends Star and Hunter on a quest to find their own HeartCrystal.

Linda Mooney has done a top notch job of world building. She has created this wonderful world of superheroes who are not cut from the usual cookie cutter mold. In spite of their careers, the Guardians come across just like regular people. They have the same trials and tribulations that we do. They just have special powers and abilities that help them triumph, usually. In some instances that can make the situation worse though. Starting just after HeartFast ends, HeartCrystal gives us a couple who has made the ultimate sacrifice and now has to rebuild not just their personal life but their work relationships too. We are given a more intimate look into Hunterís family and the inner workings of the Guardians. Throw in the start of a possible secondary romance, a little time travel and a history lesson on what may have led up to the HandFast coming into existence and you get a story that will make you laugh a little but mostly it will twist your heartstrings to pieces. You may want to keep a box of Kleenex nearby while reading this one.