By Anya, Enchanting Reviews

Mareesa, of Dangard, is the new healer sent to Bothe as part of a treaty between these two countries. No one knows the true reason for her coming to Bothe - to discover the truth about their healer, Cinta's death. Mareesa would make Cinta's murderer suffer. But she didn't count such a distraction like Querl.

Querl, of Bothe, is the heir of his uncle. He is shocked upon learning of Cinta's death, and even more curious about this new healer being a woman. Querl is immediately attracted to Mareesa, but has no clue as to why.Along the way, they discover a passion like no other has ever felt before. But they must worry for danger is lurking behind the scenes. Jealously and attempted murders soon drive these apart. But with a little help, Querl wises up and fights for the woman he loves. But in true Mooney fashion, even despite their newfound happiness, Querl and Mareesa still have many troubles to overcome.

This is an author who likes the put her characters through hell, but in the end, they do get their happy ending. She enjoys writing romantic drama stories mixed in with amazing love scenes. I was kind of nervous of reading this story at first, but so glad I overcame that uneasiness. Absolutely loved the drama and suspense. I especially came to cheer on the hero, Querl for saving the damsel in distress, Mareesa. Ms. Mooney has such an amazing way of making you not only care for but also feel the pain and joy of these characters.

I give this an overall rating of 5 Enchantments.