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Reviewed by Melisa, Euro-Reviews


Mareesa  is a healer of the Imperial order. She requests to be send as a replacement healer after the old one is murdered. Knowing she could be walking into a viper’s nest its still better than what she’s leaving behind. She knows she’ll be killed if she stays at home.  What she hadn’t expected was the Dost-to-be, Querl.


There is a spy in his home. Someone is trying to kill his uncle, the leader of their land. Even though he hasn’t practiced the ways of the warrior’s like his uncle and father wished, he can defend himself. Now that the beautiful Reesa has come, he finds he wants her with a fire that only she can quench.


Then he is attacked and would have died if Reesa hadn’t followed him to his room. He awakens he finds her on the floor, dying after taking his fatal wound into herself. He is able to learn who the spy is, and breaking a fragile treaty that is between his land and hers, he returns her back home, the only place where she stands a chance of living. That is if the healers there can—or will heal her.


Querl leaves her and his heart when he goes back home. But an urgent message sends him back to Reesa’s side. He wins her in a tournament but before they can even get used to the idea of being married, Querl has been called into war by his uncle. They are kidnapped and it takes all he can do to try and keep them alive.


I’ve never read any of Linda Mooney’s work but you can bet she’s on my list of those to look out for. I’m not all that big on the medieval era but Linda was able to put me there. Her characters are full and rich in detail and I can’t help but wonder what their children would be like. Could there be a sequel somewhere in the making? As much flair as she has with Reesa and Querl you can’t help but wonder. And she can sure put the steam in the love scenes. There were places that were laugh out loud funny and some that were sad. You’ll get angry at some of the players and at times just want to give them a hug. Top marks, Linda. You truly have a work of art. I couldn’t put it down. Anytime you’re looking for a reviewer, send it to me. I loved it! Top marks all around!

  Top Pick, Recommended Read

Reviewed by Anita Hartsell, Romance Reader at Heart

An exciting, fast-paced action adventure, HEALER OF THE HEART by Linda Mooney takes place in a medieval setting. The intense plotting and various intrigues add to the suspense, as power hungry men fight for control. Interesting and compelling characters tell a story that will hold you spellbound from beginning to end. This is a passionate romance that tells of the love between Querl and Maressa.

In the country of Bothe, the healer that is assigned to protect the life of the Dost, is murdered. Mareesa, a powerful healer, grasps this opportunity to save herself from an evil intent on possessing her. On arrival in Bothe, Mareesa meets Querl, the nephew of the Dost, and future leader of his country. From the very beginning there is a connection between them, and they soon find themselves falling in love.

Querl is more of a scholar than a warrior. He finds the knowledge he gains through his studies beneficial in protecting his country. When he finds his life in danger, he is grateful to have Mareesa's healing skills. Querl is immediately taken with the beautiful healer from Skandia. He will do everything it takes to keep his country and the woman he loves safe in the upcoming battles.

Querl is the future leader of his country. He is handsome and brave, even though he is more a scholar than a warrior. It is his ideals and values that drew me to him. The way he handles himself in various conflicts makes him a true hero, and I found myself wanting him to succeed in both his place in command and in his relationship with Maressa.

From the very beginning, the attraction between Querl and Mareesa is strong, their chemistry being almost magical in the way that it sparks between them. Their time together is not without mistakes and misunderstandings, adding a certain amount of tension to the story. There are also secrets that may stand in their way to happiness. Although there is heat and passion, it is how far Querl and Maressa are willing to go for each other, that have me calling HEALER OF THE HEART a wonderful love story.


Reviewed by Anya, Enchanting Reviews

Mareesa, of Dangard, is the new healer sent to Bothe as part of a treaty between these two countries. No one knows the true reason for her coming to Bothe - to discover the truth about their healer, Cinta's death. Mareesa would make Cinta's murderer suffer. But she didn't count such a distraction like Querl.

Querl, of Bothe, is the heir of his uncle. He is shocked upon learning of Cinta's death, and even more curious about this new healer being a woman. Querl is immediately attracted to Mareesa, but has no clue as to why.

Along the way, they discover a passion like no other has ever felt before. But they must worry for danger is lurking behind the scenes. Jealously and attempted murders soon drive these apart. But with a little help, Querl wises up and fights for the woman he loves. But like true Linda Mooney fashion, even despite their newfound happiness, Querl and Mareesa still have many troubles to overcome.

Linda Mooney is an author who likes the put her characters through hell but at the end, they do get their happy ending. She enjoys writing romantic drama stories mixed in with amazing love scenes.

I was kind of nervous of reading this story at first, but so glad I overcame that uneasiness. Absolutely loved the drama and suspense. I especially came to cheer on the hero, Querl for saving the damsel in distress, Mareesa. Ms. Mooney has such an amazing way of making you not only care for but also feel the pain and joy of these characters.

I give this an overall rating of 5 Enchantments.

Reviewed by Melanie, Enchanting Reviews

Let me introduce you to Mareesa .A woman with extraordinary healing abilities requesting to go to a land she had never been to. To look after a people she did not know. To escape a fate that awaited her if she did not go. A woman who had a gentleness and grace that only a special man could fulfill.

Now for the hero in this tale. Querl - A man more Poet than Warrior. Who prefers to use his intellect rather then his brawn. A man who is more comfortable with book than with swords. A man with a gentleness that any woman would love to have by her side.

This is a tale that will remind you of the Knights in the Dark Ages. A story of a man and a woman brought together by feelings neither can deny. A love that will be tested by misunderstandings and betrayals. A tale of battles and tournaments, and the saving of a Kingdom.

Linda Mooney is a woman who writes the kind of books she likes to read. She went for years reading the same story over and over, until a friend told her to write what she wanted in a book. And an Author was born.

I loved this book because it reminded me of the Knight of old. The characters in it were lovable. And there were also ones that you just wanted to knock out. I love a tale where you can root for the hero and heroine and become engrossed in their story. I could not wait for the ending but did not want it to end. I hope this becomes a series of books involving this land, not just a stand alone.

Reviewed by Julianne, Two Lips Reviews  

Bothe and Skandia are two countries whose uneasy alliance is the only way to save them from the warring of their neighboring countries. To cement their alliance, Skandia has sent one of their rare and talented Healers, Mareesa, to reside in Bothe in exchange for their protection against Skandia’s enemies.

But Mareesa is just not a Healer; she is of the Royal Family. Mareesa has her own reasons for petitioning the council to go to Bothe. Bothe meanwhile is hotbed of intrigue as there are attempts at the life of Querl, the nephew of the Dost of Bothe and most likely the next Dost when his uncle steps down.

More attempts are made against the Dost and his immediate family. Thrown into close quarters, Querl and Mareesa start to have feelings for each other but suppress them. Events lead Querl to think that Mareesa has a significant other back home. He is struck by jealousy, but tries to do the right thing, putting Mareesa’s needs above his own. But Mareesa has secrets of her own.

Healer of the Heart is a complex and intricate story. There are many characters which make this book interesting and compelling. Linda Mooney keeps the reader engaged and breathless with all the twists and turns in the plot. I was pulled into the story by all the action and mystery surrounding this family. Querl and Mareesa’s characters are written very well. The secondary characters are what make the plot work. I was expecting a little more sex and more explicit scenes, but Ms Mooney still makes Querl and Mareesa great lovers. I loved this book and I am looking forward to reading more of Ms Mooney’s work.

Reviewed by Larena, Red Roses for Authors

From the province of Skandia comes Mareesa a healer of remarkable power. As the old healer of the ruler of Bothe has died and they request Skandia for a new healer, Mareesa petitions the council of healers for the position. As Mareesa is of the royal house in Skandia her petition is accepted. This is her one chance to get away from the soldier that has abused her. When she arrives in Bothe Homes, who is the ruler, tests Mareesa to see how great her healing powers are by severely cutting his arm. Mareesa heals him but loses consciousness while doing so. Homes’ nephew Querl catches her when she falls and carries her to her room and watches over her until she regains consciousness. As Querl and Mareesa become closer they try to figure out who is trying to kill Homes and Querl. When Querl is attacked and almost killed Mareesa heals him at the risk of her own life. Querl rushes Mareesa back home to Skandia so the other healers can restore her health. She lives but is back in close proximity to the solider so her life is still in danger from him. Shortly after returning to Bothe Querl receives an urgent summons to return to Skandia. There he finds Mareesa in danger and must fight the soldier to save her. Querl takes her back to Bothe but they still need to find out who is behind the attacks. When it is reveled who is behind the attacks and why. It really makes for a great twist in the story.

This is a great book and a must read. The story keeps you enthralled to the point you don’t want to put it down. The author did a great job of building the characters and story line. I would love to read more from this author.

I give this book 4-1/2 red roses. Larena


Reviewed by Kate, Coffee Time Romance

The country of Bothe is in a major bind ever since their Healer, Cintas was murdered. Holmes is the "Dost", ruler of the kingdom and along with his brother Patar and his nephew Querl, they must find a new healer soon or there will be major upheaval in the kingdom.

Maressa is a healer and a member of the royal family of Skandia. Maressa has petitioned the council to be the new healer for Bothe. She hopes they will allow her for she is afraid for her life ever since she was raped and abused by a guard of the Imperial fortress who won’t stop till he makes her his wife or even kill her so no one else can have her.

Maressa is granted her wish and travels to Bothe. She is quickly respected by the people, including Querl who starts to fall in love with her. Maressa and Querl are both confused by their feelings and Maressa feels unworthy because she is no longer a virgin. They soon become friends and confidantes until Maressa almost dies by protection of Querl. Querl must then fight for the right to have Maressa as his wife or she will end up in the hands of the man who almost destroyed her life.

Healer of the Heart is a wonderful fantasy tale with warriors, wizards and most importantly a passionate love story. Querl and Maressa are beautifully written characters and their subtle feelings for each other become even more so as soon as they admit what they feel for each other. Linda Mooney writes a bit of everything with the non-stop action, suspense and nicely written love scenes. She has a true knack for writing fantasy romance.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
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