Reviews for Knight of Darkness


Reviewed by Cara Davidson, Smile Somebody Loves You

As a voracious reader, it is not often that I come across something that hasn’t been done, but I was pleasantly surprised here. Ms. Mooney takes the standard story of love and adventure, and displays it in a new and wonderful environment. Add a strong heroine (cause hey, who wouldn’t be screaming?) and a hero you fall in love with for who he is, not his appearance, disgusting aliens, talking swords, stir, and voila! You get a fantastic sci-fi romance novel.

This introduction into the Surge Knights world depicts a race of peoples who are devoted to protecting other planets from the U’Nar, an evil (gross) alien race that exist only to destroy. The Surge Knights are seeded on different planets, undergoing a 100 day metamorphosis to become full Knights, the hope being that the transformation will be complete prior to any invasion started. The remarkably naïve race destroys the invasive force, then return home. Of course, we humans love to throw a kink in things, point out all sort of inconsistencies, and have learned lessons from all the horror movies we’ve seen.

Rachel and Sorrow break all the rules and taboos to find love in one another arms. You’ll be thrilled reading this book. You’ll also be excited to know that it Ms. Mooney has several other books available…I’m looking forward to reading more by this author.

Warning: there is some graphic violence in this book in relation to the alien invasion.