Reviews for My Strength, My Power, My Love

Reviewed by Renee, Renee's Book Talk

The premise of this Science Fiction / Romance novel caught me off guard. I was blown away and completely enamored with the idea. This novel will make you wish you were of the Synergian race and that there was only one true match for you.

Linda Mooney takes you on a beautiful journey to the stars and beyond. She has a wonderful ability for writing stunningly beautiful scenes and the expertise for making an emotional connection through her characters. She is a talented and powerful writer and I highly recommend My Strength, My Power, My Love. It is a necessary read for all lovers of science fiction or romance.

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By Toot's Book Reviews (Audiobook Review)

My Strength, My Power, My Love by Linda Mooney is a unique take on a sci-fi teacher/student trope. In this world, there are two types of people Ė normal and Synergistic. If you are a Synergistic, you are sent immediately to a special academy and once you graduate, you are given 5 years to find your Synergistic mate. If you donít find your mate within 5 years, you are cut off from ever finding one and given a regular job in society. If you do find your mate, the two of you become protectors of the planet and become part of an elite fighting force because when you have your mate, you come into incredible powers. So, the big question is - what happens if you find your mate after the 5 years are up and what if it turns out to be a teacher who finds out his student is his mate.
Sounds intriguing right?? Well it totally was!! Iíve listened to this audiobook twice now and loved it each time. I highly recommend it and know youíll love it as much as I did.