Reviews for Neverwylde: The Rim of the World Series

Reviewed by Dayna, Reviews by Dayna

As a long-time StarTrek fan, this opened with a similar feel – a tense starship chase through a nebula, the starships bobbing and weaving at the fastest speed the engines can produce. Suddenly, a wormhole. Both ships, damaged by an anomaly that hid the wormhole from view until it was too late, are unable to escape. End of story?

No, not at all. It’s just beginning.

As each crew’s consciousness returns, they find they’ve crash landed on a planet, if it can be called that, somewhere. Four things are very clear. First, neither crew has any idea where they are. Second, the likelihood of rescue is remote, at best. Third, neither ship will ever fly again. And fourth, very little from either ship is salvageable.

The survivors of the two crews, including just one woman, each long taught the other was their mortal enemy, join forces for their combined survival. Over time, they develop a shaky, not unanimous, co-existence, each group knowing they can’t survive without the other. With only their various strengths, and wiles to keep themselves going, they set out in search of food, water, and a safe shelter.

Will the crews survive? Can they identify and avoid the dangers their new environment presents? Will they find common ground? Can they put aside their differences and learn to trust?

Ms. Mooney’s descriptions paint incredible images of what she sees in her mind – many degrees of beautiful and dangerous. I’m eager to read Book 2, to find out how this mismatched band of settlers is doing on their brave, new world. I give this book 5-stars.