Reviews for Runner's Moon: Jebaral
(Book 1 of the Runner's Moon Series)   

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Anita, Romance Reader at Heart


Thirty one of them escaped slavery, to find themselves on a strange new world. Now by shape-shifting and taking on the appearance of the natives, they work among them without raising suspicion. At night, though, they must revert to their normal appearance. Jebaral has seen the near destruction of his race and now he hopes that the few survivors will have the chance to find peace on this world and remain free from their enemy, the Arra.

Jebaral meets Hannah Pitt while she is working as a waitress. He feels drawn to her, but as long as his people are being hunted by the Arra, he believes that there can be nothing between them. Something tragic happens and circumstances change. To keep Hannah safe, Jebaral must take her away with him when he leaves town. Because of the danger from the Arra, he hopes that he will not have to keep Hannah with him long. He believes that if Hannah ever truly sees him, she will believe he is a monster. The problem is that Jebaral fears that the way he feels for Hannah, he may not be able to set her free.

Explosive action and great passion are described in this newest book by Linda Mooney, RUNNER'S MOON: JEBARAL. Here, she tells the story of two extraordinary characters that have suffered from abuse. Jebaral is an escaped slave from another planet that finds himself on Earth and tries to blend in with the humans. When he first meets Hannah there is instant attraction, but he fears becoming attached to anyone. His fears keep him from acting on his attraction, but when a tragedy occurs, he finds that he has no choice.

The characters are truly amazing. Jebaral looks and abilities are truly imaginative, but they cause the character to fear how others will react if he is exposed. This, and his worry over being recaptured, seem to be his only vulnerabilities—until he meets Hannah. Jebaral's greatest fear then becomes that something will happen to prevent them from being together.

Hannah has many of the characteristics of an abuse victim. She is constantly afraid of being hurt and she fears that her situation is beyond hope. Jebaral becomes her hero and gives her back her hope and courage. Together, they are electrifying. Their desire builds until a time comes for it to explode into a situation of heated passion. Jebaral and Hannah's relationship will have to overcome many very big obstacles if they are to be together—Hannah's abuser, alien captors and Hannah's reaction to Jebaral's true appearance. Their story had me wanting them to succeed and find a way to survive all that may keep them apart.

Their many problems lead to some extreme breathtaking, non-stop action scenes. This is a story you can't put down. It quickly captures your attention and keeps it with its action and passion. New characters are introduced during times of great action that leaves you wanting to know them better, such as Jebaral's brother.

RUNNER'S MOON: JEBARAL by Linda Mooney, is an exciting and passionate romance that leaves you anxiously waiting for the next book in the series.

Reviewed by AMG, The Romance Studio

He was one of thirty-one aliens who had landed on this remote world and dispersed among the populace, unidentifiable because of their shape-shifting abilities. Jebaral had hoped for a life. A chance to be free after escaping years of slavery and cruelty. But when he met Hannah Pitt, there was no way he could turn away from her or from the feelings she evoked in him. Could he risk loving this woman? Would she even accept him for what he truly was? After all, shes human - hes not remotely human. Worse, the Arra are out looking for their lost cargo and they wont stop until they’ve reclaimed their property.

They escape slavery, find a new home and separate from each other, all they have left of the home they left behind, to make a way for themselves on this new planet. Such an attention-grabbing premise for a series! Fortunately, the author lives up to the anticipation. I truly enjoyed this book. The plot was well thought out and kept you interested throughout. Both Jeb and Hannah grab at the reader, they embody a combination of strength and vulnerability that makes you want to see them succeed and be happy. Though the threat of the Arra adds spice to he story and action at key points this is by no means a suspense novel, so don’t expect that. This is a fiery and fascinating romance novel and an fabulous account of aliens come to earth.

Reviewed by Tanya, Joyfully Reviewed

Jebaral was one of thirty-one aliens who crash-landed their spacecraft on Earth five years ago, when escaping the Arra’s.  The Arras had imprisoned Jebaral’s race to be used as either slaves or a food delicacy.  When the opportunity arose, Jeb and his brother along with the others commandeered a spacecraft and landed on Earth.  They are shape shifters and during the day are locked into whatever form they have taken.  Their anatomy is similar enough to humans they are able to blend in, though they are strict vegetarians, have exceptional strength and must revert to their base form at some point during the night.

Jeb can’t stand the thought of others being imprisoned or hurt as he was in the past, and because of this is quickly drawn to Hannah when she waits on him in the diner.  He is amazed at this lovely woman with her bright smile and friendly manner.  It is easy to see that Hannah’s boyfriend is beating her and it doesn’t seem to be stopping.  Hannah is upset when Jeb announces that he is moving on and won’t be seeing her daily.

Hannah spends the rest of her shift dreaming about running away with Jeb and decides she might take the chance to ask him.  Unfortunately she talks in her sleep and her boyfriend does not react well.  When Hannah doesn’t come to work, Jeb goes to her place and finds her severely injured and takes her with him. Jeb and Hannah quickly fall in love.  But what will happen when Hannah sees Jeb’s true form and will they be able to withstand Clay’s fury if he finds Hannah?

Jebaral is a quick moving story with a lot of information passed onto the reader.  Linda Mooney weaves Jeb and Hannah’s pasts expertly in with their current adventures and feelings.  Additionally she does a great job in adding the right amount of internal worry among her characters, so that you know not all is easily solved.  I thoroughly enjoyed this tale and look forward to more in this potential series.

Reviewed by Diana, Sweeter Romantic Notions

One survivor of thirty one. A race unlike anything on earth, yet able to shapeshift to look human with the rise and fall of the moon and sun for protect themselves from detection.

They are Ruinos.

A race that has been enslaved and almost brought to extinction by the Arra. All the survivors of the escape pod prayed for was a chance to live in freedom. After the atrocities suffered for years at the hands of their jailers, freedom held an appeal that they gladly embraced. Except none expected to find a blood mate, the Ruinos' soul mate, among humans.

Jebaral has lived in secrecy, moving to hinder any hunt the Arra may have initiated to find their missing cargo. The last days at his current construction job means it's time for him to move on again. Telling the waitress he's seen every morning for five months leaves him feeling a deep hollowness. Her sadness is something he isn't expecting. He knows she is in trouble, but not used to human customs, doesn't know how to help, until he has no choice but to take her away from her current situation to save her life.

The story that comes is a full throttle exploration of the Ruinos life and history, their fears and triumphs. How can two different species find compatibility, much less love? I have to give Ms. Mooney kudos for bringing to life such an enigmatic people, similar yet so distinctly different. The overall detail of the background, to the distinct differences between the two races were gripping. Finding a commonality between the two races to make the emotional and physical aspect of the stories work was amazing. She has garnered a full time fan in me.

Reviewed by Marlene, Fallen Angels Reviews

Runner’s Moon Book 1: Jebaral is a book that mixes so many elements it is difficult to categorize it into just one genre. Erotic fantasy, with a shape-shifting element, and a science fiction thread, it is a story that will satisfy many. Jebaral is a character who is on the run, determined to escape the brutal life he’s known. He and several others landed on this planet with the hopes that if they split up and tried to blend in, they might get a chance at a peaceful existence. Jebaral has succeeded in blending, but when he meets Hannah he finds the capacity to feel things he hasn’t felt before. Hannah shows him how it feels to be human, but Jebaral isn’t human. How, then, to reconcile himself to a life without Hannah?

Linda Mooney has done an intriguing job of introducing this series to readers. Jebaral, with his heartwarming blood line pulsing just beneath his handsome skin, is a hero who elicits a strong response. His plight, although unusual, is one that had me instantly rooting for him to find a resolution to. I wanted him to find happiness with Hannah, and the obstacles thrown in their path were at times frightening. I did not know whether or not they would be able to overcome them. While Hannah is more trusting than I would have liked, she, too, is an interesting character. Her motivation is clear and I felt sorry for her. The only part of this story that was a bit disconcerting was the references made to body parts. I have a hard time suppressing laughter when body parts are given names that seem far-fetched. But aside from this pulling the reader out of the sensual story from time to time, this was an engaging, well written story.
4 stars!
Reviewed by
Gail Pruszkowski, Romantic Times BOOKreviews

"The damsel-in-distress theme takes on a whole new look when the hero is an alien. That's the premise of this first Runner's Moon series adventure. The interaction and erotic scenes between two species are well done, and Mooney injects enough reality to make the well-paced plot believable. The story comes to a satisfying conclusion, but the adventure will continue."
Reviewed by Lori Ann, Romance Reviews Today Erotic

Laughlin and Tumbril Harbor, near the eastern seaboard, United States - Present day 

The Arra are an alien race who dominate and destroy other intelligent species for profit. The Ruinos are one of those races, nearly extinct now, a group of them has managed to escape the Arran ship they were aboard and find refuge on Earth. Thirty-one Ruinos made it to safety, but will they ever really be safe when the Arra are determined to recover their "cargo"? 

Jebaral "Jeb" Morr knows the best strategy to avoid the Arra, is moving from place to place. However, leaving Laughlin means never seeing Hannah Pitt again. Sweet and soft-spoken, the waitress brings all kinds of protective feelings to the fore, but she’s already been claimed by a male, Carl Jamison, a pitiful specimen who treats her badly. Besides, what are the chances that she would accept Jeb’s real self? 

Hannah Pitt knows that her fantasies about her favorite customer, Jeb Morr, will never come true. He’s not going to look at her one day and realize that she’s all he’s ever needed. But, at least she can talk to him in the mornings at the diner and enjoy his friendship. Then one day Jeb says he’s leaving town and Hannah’s dreams are crushed. 

On the morning of Jeb’s last day in town, Hannah doesn’t show up for work and when he goes to check on her, he finds her covered in blood and nearly unrecognizable. Jeb knows that the time has come to claim Hannah, to protect her from further harm and discover if she’s his mate. 

In JEBARAL, two very wounded souls are treated to the best medicine any world can offer, true love. Jeb suffered many years of abuse and torture by the Arra, and with the exception of his brother, Simolif, he has no surviving family. I can’t imagine the difficulties of making a new home in another country, let alone on another planet, with no allies and no understanding of the society around me. Jeb’s ability to blend in and make a life for himself is admirable indeed. Hannah left one bad situation, an abusive parent, to fall into yet another bad relationship with Carl, something that unfortunately is all too common. Despite the hard knocks she’s taken, Hannah has managed to retain hope and a surprisingly giving attitude. But still, being confronted with the knowledge that the man you love is really an alien, complete with very sharp teeth, could give any woman pause. But Hannah’s heart is true, and if they can avoid the dangers that both Carl and the Arra pose, I see great things for this couple’s future. 

Jeb’s brother, Simolif, better known as Simon, believes that hiding in big cities is preferable to small towns, but that doesn’t mean he won’t come running to aid Jeb and Hannah. Simon is amazed that Jeb has found someone to love and it gives him hope that someday, he too, will find his mate. Barb is Hannah’s only friend and loyal to the core, she wants the best for Hannah and thinks that Jeb may be just who she needs. Wendy Newburg runs a hotel in Tumbril Harbor, she’s a steady sort and proves that small town hospitality isn’t a myth. Sheriff Klotsky is the law in Tumbril Harbor and the kind of man you want on your side. Carl is a scum, he’s convinced that he "owns" Hannah and the thought of the things he’s done to that poor girl, and the things he wants to do to her, makes me feel ill. 

For a romance that will warm your heart and stimulate your imagination, you can’t go wrong with JEBARAL. I can’t wait to read the next books in the Runner’s Moon series, TIRON (coming in December) and SIMOLIF (arriving in April 2008). Stop by Whiskey Creek Press Torrid and get your copy of this tender love story today. 

Reviewed by Melanie, Enchanting Reviews

Let me introduce you to Hannah, a woman in an unbearable situation and who feel she cannot escape it. A woman with a kind and gentle soul who wants so much for someone to treat her with a little kindness and love. A woman who sees an escape, and who just needs the courage to take it.

Now let’s meet Jebaral. This is the kind of man women dream about - kind, gentle, a man with such a sweetness about him that just draws women to him. A man that seems too good to be true. And he is just waiting for the right one to come along.

This is the story of two people who are looking for the same thing. A love to last a lifetime. But first, Hannah will have to get away from the man she fears the most. A man who will stop at nothing to keep her. But her heart yearns for the one who treats her like no one else ever has. And she will stop at nothing to be with the one she dreams about - Jebaral. A man who also has a secret. One he fears will never let her be his. A secret that could tear them apart.

This book has it all- Romance, science fiction and adventure... I could not put this book down. I had to finish it. The characters are so compelling. You just had to know what happens next. I loved the interaction between the two characters. The gentleness of the hero made you kind of misty eyed. And the heroine made you feel the same things that she did. The writing in this book was so real it made you look up and wonder and maybe even hope a little.

Linda Mooney - What can I say about her besides the fact she is a GREAT Author. With such a vivid storytelling ability. Who makes you root for her heroes and heroines. An author who makes you cry when they do. It has been awhile since a story made me cry. And I cannot wait for more.

Reviewed by Krista, Coffee Time Romance 

Hannah Pitt wanted out of her life but did not see how that was possible. When she got home from work, she had to hand over all her tips to an abusive boyfriend. A handsome stranger comes into the restaurant every day and sits in her section. She dreams of running away with him but thinks that it is just her dream and never expects that it could become a reality.

Jebaral Gitall Morr was one of the last of the people from his world. They had landed on Earth five years ago hoping to make it their homeland. His brother Simolif is the only one he is in contact with. He could just hopes the others are doing as well. He longs to find a mate but knows he may be alone forever. When he meets Hannah, he is attracted to her and wonders if she could be his mate after all.

Running for his life Jebaral never stays one place very long. After meeting Hannah, he wishes he did not have to keep moving. One day he comes into the restaurant only to find out that Hannah’s boyfriend Carl called her in sick. Jebaral is furious, goes to check on her and finds her battered and bruised. He cannot promise her a safe life but he feels that he must look after her. They run away together, even though Hannah has no idea of his true self. Jebaral is always on the watch for the Arra who could be looking for him, intending to enslave him once more.

Jebaral and Hannah find good friends in each other although both would like to become more than that. Jebaral does not believe he can offer her much of a life while Hannah needs to be able to trust again. Ms. Mooney tells a wonderful story of love, passion, and trust. These characters leap off the pages. Getting to know them so well is almost as if they are your good friends. I cannot wait to see what happens next in this series and I hope that Simolif will finally find his life partner.

Reviewed by Brandy Jones, The Long and the Short of It Reviews

He was one of thirty-one aliens who had landed on this remote world and dispersed among the populace, unidentifiable because of their shape-shifting abilities.

Jebaral had hoped for a life. A chance to be free after escaping years of slavery and cruelty. But when he met Hannah Pitt, there was no way he could turn away from her or from the feelings she evoked in him. But neither could he accept her offer of a future filled with laughter and promise. After all, she was human; he was nothing remotely human.

Worse, the Arra were out looking for their lost cargo and they wouldn't stop until every body was accounted for. Could he risk loving this woman? Would she even accept him for what he truly was?

Little did he realize that all his choices would soon be taken away.

When Hannah met Jeb she was dying inside from hopelessness. The man she lived with used her as a human punching bag and treated her with disregard and evil intent. But, a part of Hannah still lived for the days when Jeb came into the diner where she worked. He treated her with kindness and respect. Her heart, the one nearly destroyed by another’s cruelty, ached for this gentle man.

What would Hannah do if she knew the man she dreamed about and already loved was not of this world? Jeb often wondered if there could be any future for them. He had escaped utter cruelty and slavery to this world, one of different tastes, textures, sights and smells. But, his heart, so like Hannah’s, beat faster in her presence.

Hannah and Jeb may be of different species, but their love knows no bounds and their desire for each other is a fire that can not be doused. Each will have to face inner fears that their love for each other will last. But the Arra that Jeb and a few others of his kind escaped from are still searching for their slaves and will let nothing stand in their way. Hannah’s abusive ex is also catching up to them. Will their love survive? Or will they perish without the future they both dream of?

Runners Moon: Jebaral is a fantastic look at the healing power of love and the hope of a future together by two people who may be of different species, but love with all their hearts.

This story is wonderful. The author truly draws the reader in to the lives of the characters. I, for one, can’t wait to read Book 2! 

Reviewed by Anne, Red Roses for Authors

Jebaral Gittall Morr, his brother Simon and others, have escaped from certain death on Barandat. They hope that here on planet Earth the Arra will not find them and they may live in peace.

Hannah is a human and lives who Carl who mistreats her, but she is attracted to Jeb in his human form, which he assumes during the day. Jeb likes her very much but needs to keep on the move, because he has no real papers and, as an alien, he cannot take a blood test. He is planning to go away but then Hannah is badly beaten and Jeb knows he has to take her with him to protect her.

Jeb can tell by the scent that Hannah gives off that she is deeply attracted to him in his human form, but could she love him when he is Ruinos? He believes that he cannot make love to her in human form, and though Hannah shows her love he tries to avoid physical contact – and then one night Hannah discovers the truth. It is her ability to love despite the initial shock of discovery that makes this book a love story. But can they overcome all the difficulties of living and loving each other, and can they keep safe?

This imaginative book is well written, and has the warmth and togetherness I expect from a good romance, and for that I give it 5 red roses, Anne

Reviewed by Clover Autrey, ParaNormalRomance Reviews

"Hot Alien Love"

Jeb Morr is a man on the run, going from job to job, town to town. But when it's time to relocate again, he can't leave without saying goodbye to Hannah, the waitress he'd stopped in to see each morning.

But saying goodbye flees his mind when he finds her beaten and alone. No way is he going to leave her behind with that abusive boyfriend.

Problem is, Jeb Morr is an escaped alien, in the most literal sense.

Now he and Hannah are both on the run. She, from the abusive boyfriend who wants her back, and Jeb from the brutal alien slave traders that prize Jeb's dwindling species above all others.

Runner's Moon: Jebaral is a wonderful introduction to the Ruinos aliens with hints of more to follow. Hannah and Jebaral are both well-drawn characters who have been wounded, but with acceptance and kindness from each other are able to triumph and find strength together ... along with a little hot alien love.

I'm looking forward to more from the Ruinos aliens.

Reviewed by Robin S., My Book Cravings


If you like your man to be strong, gentle and able to defend your honor then this is the book for you.  That strong man who rushes in to save the weak damsel in distress just makes your heart go ahhh and knees go weak this is that story.


Hannah Pitt is a nice waitress whose boyfriend Carl, beats her up regularly.  She lives for the mornings that Mr. Jeb Morr shows up, she dreams of him being her knight in shining armor.  She is also very attracted to Jeb and has erotic dreams of him.  One morning Jeb comes in to say that tomorrow is his last day that he will be moving on.  What a horrible thing for her to hear, she makes a decision to beg Jeb to take her with him when he leaves the next morning.  Apparently, she talks in her sleep because Carl has heard her plans and demands to know what is between her and Jeb? 


Jeb Morr is an alien from Ruinos.  He would love to settle down but, fears that the Arr will find him and kill him.  So staying in one place to long is dangerous.  He doesn't fully understand what is between him and Hannah but he comes to the diner every morning for breakfast and leaves her a nice tip.  One morning she isn't there and Barb the other waitress is concerned that maybe Carl beat her up badly because he called in for her.  Jeb checks out her trailer and finds Hannah in the bathroom with blood coming from her nose and on her clothes.  He picks her up and takes her to his truck.  Carl pulls in and notices that Hannah is in the truck and starts banging on the window.  Jeb takes off before the window can shatter.


Jeb can not bear to see Hannnah hurt anymore; can not understand why Carl would beat her this way.  Can Jeb figure out what his feelings are before Carl finds them?  Can Hannah accept Jeb's secret?


Ms. Mooney has done well.  This book was well written and paced appropriately.  JEBARAL will pleasantly keep you company for afternoon read.  I liked the byplay between Hannah and Jeb.  Jeb personifies the perfect hero that we all at some point dream about.  Hannah unfortunately portrays a growing problem that is becoming more common in today's society.

Reviewed by Angel, Romance Junkies

Jebaral, better known as Jeb, has come to Earth after years of being a slave and hopes that maybe he can find a new life on this strange planet.  Then he meets Hannah and everything changes.  She is unlike any woman he has ever known.  He can't help but feel drawn to her.  Jeb is being dangerously stalked after narrowly escaping from his captors. They are reluctant to let him keep his newfound freedom.

Hannah Pitt has problems of her own, which include a violent boyfriend.  She knows Jeb and thinks he's a great person.  When he comes to the rescue, her feelings for him start to change.  Jeb is different from other men in so many ways, but she has no idea how truly special he is.  Hannah is suddenly thinking of a future and Jeb plays a major part of it.  Can she convince him that they can be happy together?
RUNNER'S MOON: JEBARAL is an intriguing story that will pull you in from the first page.  Jeb is a wonderful character and you really get to see what kind of man he is by his virtuous actions.  I enjoyed getting to know the intricacies of Hannah's personality.  She definitely has to work on some self-esteem issues.  Suspense is an added element that includes the captors of Jeb and their determination to get him back.  The emotional dram is high and you go through it with the characters at a spirited pace.  The love scenes are passionate and sensual.  There is plenty of romance to keep the reader turning the pages.  I was so captivated by the passion between Jeb and Hannah that I couldn't read fast enough to see what would happen next.  Linda Mooney is a terrific author and her fantastic tale proves that she has a bright future.  I highly anticipate her next book and hope that is the start of a wonderful new series.