Reviews for Runner's Moon: Simolif
(Book 3 of the Runner's Moon Series)      

Reviewed by Tanya, Joyfully Reviewed 

Simolif, his brother Jebaral, and their adopted sister Tiron, along with twenty-eight other members of the Ruinos species, escaped to Earth seven years ago.  They escaped the Arra species who were holding them hostage, and now are living a cautious life on earth.  As they are shape shifters who only have to return to their true form at night, they are able to work regular jobs during the day, though they are stronger than most.  The life that Simolif has chosen on Earth is as a contractor.

While originally they all thought they were going to remain alone for their lives, not being in captivity was enough, they have since found that there is a possibility they will find a life mate among the humans.  In fact, Jabaral and Tiron have both accomplished this.  So Simon now has hope.  That hope increases with the knowledge that his mate is near when he takes the construction job next to the planetarium of a local college.  You see, not only is shy Professor Sarah Drumman an astronomer, she is also his life mate.

 When Simolif saves Sarah from a brutal attack on campus, they become instant friends and eventually lovers.  But will Sara ever be able to accept Simolif in his “true form,” which will be needed for the couple to become life mates?  Additionally, will Sarah’s tenure presentation potentially endanger all of their lives on Earth?

 Readers should be aware that there are erotic and sexual scenes that do take place between the main characters when one is in a non-human form.

 Fantastic Sci-Fi story is the first thing that comes to mind when I tell people about Simolif.  It is a stand-alone story, but is the third in a series that I hope continues on for a long time.  I loved how the author linked science together with the aliens that are on Earth.  Ms. Mooney has created one of the most interesting alien groups that I have seen in a long time.  Her writing pulled me in and the scenes that she created all seemed plausible to me.  I highly recommend this story for those who like Sci-Fi Romances. It is also why I have Joyfully Recommended Simolif.

Reviewed by Anthurium, Long and Short Whipped Cream Reviews

Seven years ago they landed on Earth—thirty-one aliens, fugitives from a lifetime of slavery and cruelty. Now they were dispersed among the populace, unidentifiable because of their shape-shifting abilities.

Simolif knew when his brother Jebaral found his life's mate. The blood lines in his arm had increased by one, and the sight of it had thrilled him like nothing else could...unless he, too, could find someone who could accept him for what he was, and who would not scream in fright to see his true self.

He never expected to find Professor Sarah Drumman. As an astronomer, she suspected there were creatures from another galaxy now walking the Earth. And she planned to prove her theory to the world.

Their meeting would forever change their lives. Too bad hers meant nothing to the creatures who had landed on Earth looking for their missing cargo.

This is the third book in a series, but the story is fully readable as a stand-alone book. Simolif or Simon as he is known here on earth is a very hot construction foreman at a job site. He has been searching to meet his life mate, because his race only bonds with one person for life. Little did he realize that Professor Sarah Drumman would turn out to be that person. Sarah is an astronomer who works at the local college, next to his job site, and catches her first sight of him, out of her office window.

The sparks that fly between these two characters are very hot and very romantic. This reader immediately became enmeshed in the story and did not want it to end. This story has it all, great sex and romance, and the suspense qualities of a good thriller. When the enemy of these alien shape shifters comes after them, and tries to capture them, it is Sarah who through her love and connection to Simon that is able to save them from being recaptured.

I recommend this story to anyone who likes his or her erotica with a sci-fi twist. I definitely want to go back and read the previous parts of this series.

Reviewed by Lori Ann, RRTErotic


Templeton and Tumbril Harbor, near the eastern seaboard, United States - Present day


Nearly seven years ago Simolif and thirty other aliens landed on Earth. Seeking a safe place to hide from the Arra, an alien race that nearly destroyed their own, they also hope to find the most important thing, or rather, person, a Ruinos can meet, their blood mate. Simolif’s brother and adopted sister have already met theirs, and now it appears as if Simolif has found his. It isn’t until he goes to the local college for a job that he meets her, a professor named Sarah. Finding out she already believes in aliens and is intent on exposing them, puts a whole different light on the situation though.


Professor Sarah Drumman is working hard to secure her place at the Templeton branch of Northern State University. The presentation she’s working on will hopefully gain her tenure, as well as prove that aliens have been landing on Earth. It may sound far-fetched, but Sarah is convinced her research will make the case. Then she meets Simolif “Simon” Morr, and suddenly there’s more to life than work.


You’d think falling in love with someone who already believes in aliens would make it easier for Simolif to reveal himself to Sarah, but it really doesn’t, because there’s not just the whole green and scaly thing, there’s the whole evil Arra still looking to recapture the Ruinos thing. Will Sarah accept Simolif for who he really is, or will she walk away?


Sarah is convinced she’s a plain Jane and would be lucky to ever find someone to marry who’s acceptable, let alone the love of her life. And having that someone be like Simolif? Drop dead gorgeous, sweet and romantic, well, that’s just too much to hope for, in fact, it’s almost unbelievable. Simolif, on the other hand, sees Sarah the way she really is, beautiful, brave and smart, the perfect mate. The Ruinos have always valued family above all else, and there’s no doubt in his mind that Sarah is his family. The passion that springs to life between the two and the connection that binds them together is undeniable, but can it survive the Arra?


If you’re familiar with the Runner’s Moon series, you’re sure to recognize Jeb (Simolif’s brother) and his mate Hannah from JEBARAL (August 2007) as well as Roni (Simolif’s adopted sister) and her mate Thom from TIRON (December 2007). Both couples are happy to welcome Sarah into the family and are thrilled that Simolif has found his mate. Having also made a previous appearance in the series is Sheriff Klotsky, one of the few humans who knows the truth about the Ruinos. All of these secondary characters are integral to the story.


Though this book can be enjoyed even if you haven’t read the first two books in the series, you’re sure to like it even more if you have. Linda Mooney has once again created a story filled with love, passion and danger. Don’t miss the third thrilling installment in the Runner’s Moon series, SIMOLIF.

Reviewed by Melanie, Enchanting Reviews

Let’s meet Sarah, a woman whose career is her life. She feels that she will never have anything else. Oh, she hopes to meet someone and maybe have some kids but she’s not holding her breath. Who would want a plain Jane like her? Sarah never suspects that things are about to change in the form of Simolif Morr, a man every woman seems to want, but what does he want with her? She would never suspect that he sees more than she could ever guess. She has a heart of gold and he wants to posses that heart more than anything else. The feelings he arouses in her are more than she has ever experienced. Is he the one who will turn her boring world upside down and fulfill her every desire or is he the one who will break her heart into a million pieces? And can she give up her life’s work for him, give up the Stars?

Now for our hero Simolif Morr, a man every woman wants but he has no time for them. He is looking for the one who will melt his heart and he thinks he has found her in the form of Sarah. First he must get past her defenses and get her to open her heart. But she is such an elusive woman, a Professor, a teacher of the stars. How poetic, since that is where he comes from. But can he tell her and will she accept him as he is and will he be able to convince her that his love for her is real? And will they have the time it will take before Simolif‘s deadly enemy show up to destroy their only chance of happiness?

This is the continuing story of a group of people looking for a life of their own, and this is Simolif‘s and Sarah’s story. Simolif thinks he has found the one he was looking for. But will she accept him as he is or will she repulse him and break his heart? This story also involves his family - will they be able to help him convince Sarah of his love and when she sees his true form, will everything be over or will they find the happiness they long for?

I loved this story. Ms. Mooney never fails to deliver. This story only gets better as she goes on with the continuing struggle of thirty-one people trying to find their heart’s desire. The characters in this story pull at your heart strings and you feel compelled to listen to their story. The interaction between the characters makes you a little weepy and you almost feel the emotions of the hero and heroine. I can only hope and pray that this is not the end of this great series - after all, this is only three of the thirty-one. Please Ms Mooney, don’t forget the rest of them.

What can I say about Linda Mooney? She has had two #1 Bestsellers at Whiskey Creek Press and I am sure she will have another with this book. She is from Texas and is married with two boys that are not aliens but she wonders sometimes. In the daytime, she is a kindergarten teacher and at night an author.

Reviewed by AMG, The Romance Studio

The Runner’s Moon series tells the tale of fugitive aliens, who flee from a lifetime of slavery and cruelty to make a life for themselves here on Earth. This is Simolif’s story.

Simolif knew when his brother Jebaral found his life's mate. The blood lines in his arm had increased by one, and the sight of it had thrilled him giving him hope that he too could find someone who could accept him for what he was, and who would not scream in fright to see his true self. He never expected to find Professor Sarah Drumman. As an astronomer, she studies the skies. She has seen some thing suspicious that makes her believe there are creatures from another galaxy now walking the Earth. And she plans to prove her theory to the world. Though she may believe in aliens, can she love one?

Each book in this series weaves together, so for best enjoyment I would read them in order. However, they are so well written and so truly pleasurable that a reader would still love this book without having read the others. I found this story captivating and the characters enchanting. Simolif is the kind of ‘man’ we all enjoy ­ aware of his appeal and enjoys it thoroughly yet still loving and open-minded, the empathetic character we pull for and still with the manly ‘I-know-what’s-best’ mentality that we all find so amusing. And Sarah is such a unique heroine. I love that she already believes in life beyond this planet. This is not the romance that enthralls and engrosses but it is definitely the type that entertains and I’m looking forward to book four.

Reviewed by Melisa, Simply Romance Reviews

Part three in the Runner’s Moon series, Simolif- or Simon meets the woman that’s his mate. His species is only allowed one mate for life, and he’s surprised to find his is a human. As he works on a construction site he can sense that she’s there, he just hasn’t seen her. Then one morning by sheer luck, he looks up and there she is.

Sarah had heard the women whooping and taunting the men that worked on the construction crew next door, and true enough there was one that would set any woman’s panties on fire, but she had no illusions that he would be interested in her. She was too studious, too overweight and a plain Jane. Nothing like what Mr. Studly would ever look twice at.

Little does she know, but she is exactly what Simon is looking for. He’s watched over her from the moment he realized who she was, determined to protect her and gently woo her to accepting him. His human side as well as his alien one. He knows that the only time he’s ever seen anything remotely close to what he looks like in his natural form is found in horror movies, but he’s hoping that Sarah has the heart to accept him as her mate.

When an emergency calls Simon out of town, the connection that is growing stronger between them pulls her to him. Accidentally caught in the cross fire of a corporate take over, Sarah is in danger. Some things are worse than death, and she’s learning this at the hands of paid assassins.

But when the Calvary shows up its one like she’s never seen in her life. Which ones are the monsters? The battle is over in moments, but can her mind survive what she’s seen? Can she love Simon as his true self or is Simon doomed to be without his mate forever? Add into this mix the slavers the Ruinos escaped from are closing in on the them, the breed that Simon and his clan are called, and are determined to either sell them back into slavery or as a delicacy to other species willing to pay the price. It doesn’t matter to them if they species of the Ruinos becomes extinct or not.

This isn’t my first book I’ve read of Linda Mooney’s. But I have to tell you, before I had even read through the first chapter I had to go back and purchase the first two books in the Runner’s Moon series. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. All three are now on my keeper shelf. It also makes me wonder if she’s going to add more to this series. All I can say is if she does, I’m getting it.

Reviewed by Diana, Sweeter Romantic Notions

Sarah Drumman loves the stars. She loves the wonder of the unknown, of the possibility of what could be out there. The possibility that more than us exists is one of her driving passions. In fact, she's convinced alien life forms have landed on our planet and are somehow integrated with human life.

Over roughly seven years, she's tracked several anomalies that could be spaceships, which have landed and then left Earth. She's so sure of her research, that she's betting her tenure at her college, her position, and her future on it.

A near rape is the beginning of a fast paced and page turning read. When Simon interrupts the man's attack on Sarah, she's shaken and set off balance in more than one way. He wasn't just being a good Samaritan for her. She is his one and only life mate, and now that he's found her against all odds on a planet as far from his own as is possible, he'll do anything to prove his heart is hers.

Until she explains her theory of otherworld visitors. Fear of exposure is the only thing stronger than the fear of their past jailers finding the escaped Ruinos people scattered across Earth. One thing has to happen to make Simon and Sarah's bond complete and unbreakable. She must accept his Ruinos form. She doesn't realize how close she is to the truth her research has led her to until her own life is in danger and she must face Simon in his Ruinos shape.

Simon's story of Runner's Moon is a definite winner for me. The action was fast paced, the emotions came across in well written depth and as a reader, it was hard not to crush on Simon Morr. The only thing that caught at me was the sound of the characters' tones as they spoke. In the book, it says Simon learned to cook and to read mostly from cookbooks, since he obviously wasn't American or English speaking. It's a good thing that is mentioned because it explains several points where the tone is almost too exact, too educated. I will admit I haven't read the other books yet, so I can't tell you how Jeb is suppose to sound, but at least two dialogue scenes came across where to this readers inner ear, they sounded very similar, so I can't say if Jeb learned in the same manner or not.

Overall though, I have to give this book a screaming 4.5. rating. It was hard to put it down, easy to understand the Ruinos story background and even though it was the third book, I didn't feel at all out of sequence because I started in the wrong place. I'd been looking forward to reading this installment of the Ruinos stories, and I wasn't at all disappointed.

Reviewed by Dee, ParaNormalRomance Reviews 

Simolif "Simon Morr" is a good looking, soft-spoken, well-mannered construction worker? Well, not really he's actually one of 31 aliens who landed on Earth several years ago, fleeing their brutal captors. All the refugees wanted was to find a planet where they could blend in with the natives (they have shapeshifting abilities), and live quietly, free from the evil Arras who destroyed their home planet and enslaved them. Never could they have imagined that there might be true mates for them, existing in the human population. But as soon as Simon starts working on a new campus building he knows the love of his life is nearby. He can feel her presence, almost smell her special scent.
Astronomy professor Sarah Drumman is on a tight deadline to publish, if she wants tenure. She doesn't have time to ogle Mr. Gorgeous as he works on the building going up next to hers. But when he saves her from an assault as she's leaving campus one night, Sarah is definitely seeing stars. Little does she know that Simon's looks really are "out of this world". But will she be able to see the beauty of the inner man?
Simolif's story is the third installment in Linda Mooney's Runner's Moon series. The first two titles have gained #1 bestseller status at publisher Whiskey Creek Press's site, and I predict that Simolif's story won't be far behind in garnering WCP's bestseller status, as well. Like the first two books, the action is fast-paced and the characters are unique, each with a distinctive voice, and personality. The emotions are intense and believable, and Ms. Mooney gives us well-conceived, interesting races, with believable motivations and reactions. The level of detail is fascinating; she gives extensive information on her characters' origins, the society of their home planet, the climate and geography, customs, even some language, all delivered smoothly and naturally within the context of the story.
If you enjoy your romance hot, with a heaping side of science fiction, you won't want to miss this series. Runner's Moon, Book 3: Simolif is an engaging tale that sends the reader on a wild ride of fear, love, and humor, delivered with nearly nonstop action. Be aware that it is not a stand-alone title, if you haven't read the first two books; get them when you pre-order this title. You won't be disappointed!