Reviews for Runner's Moon: Tiron
(Book 2 of the Runner's Moon Series)   

Reviewed by Tanya, Joyfully Reviewed

Six years ago Tiron was one of 31 Ruinos’s who crash-landed on earth while fleeing for their lives.  To keep safe and from attracting the aliens who were hunting them they each had to go their separate way.  Tiron (Roni) didn’t know what she could do on this new planet that would let her have her nights free, so she could resume her normal form, and make money to be able to live and eat.  What she ends up doing is becoming a common street prostitute.  Though she only works during the day and only when she needs money.

Now suddenly someone is killing prostitutes in Crescent City and everyone is a little fearful, including the police.  When Roni is picked up in a sting she intrigues Lt. DeGrassi and when she pleads with him to make sure she doesn’t have to spend an evening in jail he goes out on a limb and vouches for her before a judge.  Roni and DeGrassi are draw to each other and Roni knows from the way he smells that despite the difference in their species that she has finally found her bond mate, after all these years and miles.  But, she also knows he will never accept a prostitute, let alone her true form. 

But, when DeGrassi is faced with losing Roni forever and makes a few choices, things might just turn out for the both of them.  Now if only they can figure out who is the prostitute killer as it seems Roni might just be his next victim.

Go, Ms. Mooney, Go.  I am thoroughly intrigued by the species she has invented and am hooked on reading how they adapt to the human race and lifestyles.  In Tiron you get your first look at a female of the Ruinos people.  This is the second book in the series but can easily be read as a stand-alone book, though be warned it will make you want to go back and read the first offering.  I love how the interaction between the characters takes place and how Roni got into her initial and final professions.  I look forward to another 29 stories about this wonderful group of survivors.

Reviewed by Alex, Coffee Time Romance

Tiron Fesell Tarakon is an alien refugee, running from a life of slavery and cruelty. She finds sanctuary on Earth but takes the only job open to a pretty woman with no skills and becomes a prostitute. She uses her shape-shifter skills to attract her clients and her alien senses to select only those who will not hurt her.

Lieutenant Thom DeGrassi is a cop, working undercover in the vice department. He has never had a real relationship with a woman and is beginning to believe that it will never happen for him.

Tiron and Thom are thrown together when she is arrested for solicitation. Thom has seen a lot of prostitutes in his time but none of them have affected him the way Tiron has. He is irresistibly drawn to her and finds himself going out on a limb to protect her. For the first time since she arrived on Earth, Tiron’s alien senses are sending her a message that she has never heard before, a message she is not sure she wants to hear. As Thom and Tiron struggle with their own secrets and their growing attraction to each other, they also have to deal with a menacing psychopath referred to as the ‘Cutter’, who is hunting and killing prostitutes. There is also the looming menace of the Arra, the aliens that Tiron race escaped from.

The characters are excellently written and they really drew me into the book. Both characters are a bit of a cliché, Tiron as the hooker with a heart of gold, and Thom as the gruff but fair cop. Despite this, they felt real and I could really relate to them. The burgeoning attraction between Tiron and Thom is well crafted, dealing with the inevitable misunderstandings and stumbling blocks inherent in any new relationship, let alone one between an alien shape-shifting prostitute and a cop with psychosomatic issues. The science fiction aspect is handled perfectly, just enough to add a bit of flavor to the story but not so much that it detracts or overrides the main storyline. Tiron’s alien senses are believable and blend perfectly with storyline. Tiron is the second Book in the Runner’s Moon series but it stands on its own and you do not need to have read the first book to enjoy it. Be warned, though. If you have not read the first book yet, odds are you will want to after reading this one. I know I do.

Reviewed by AMG, The Romance Studio

Nearly six years ago they landed on Earth--thirty-one aliens, fugitives from a lifetime of slavery and cruelty. Now they were dispersed among the populace, unidentifiable because of their shape-shifting abilities. Tiron had found sanctuary in Crescent City as "Roni." But her own self-hatred, beaten into her at the hands of the Arra, had her earning her living as a common street prostitute. Lieutenant Thom DeGrassi worked vice for the police department. He had busted prostitutes in the past, but nothing had prepared him for what he felt when he met Roni. Worse, there was some sicko out there getting his jollies cutting up hookers. Now DeGrassi was faced with two impossible situationskeeping Roni off the streets while he sorted out his feelings for her, and trying to find the man responsible for the deaths of four other women.

This novel was a pleasure to read. It flows so well from the first book in the series while at the same time being a separate stand-alone story. The author weaves this story together very smoothly. There is suspense from the threat of the Arra, not to mention a serial killer on the loose and the romance of Thom and Ronis growing relationship along with Ronis journey of personal growth. Roni is clearly a damaged young woman and the readers heart will just go out to her. The author captures that depression and self-hatred in such a realistic way. I found Thoms ready acceptance a bit farfetched though. In the grand scheme of things that is really a small complaint, as a whole I truly enjoyed this book from cover to cover. And cant wait for the next in the series.

Reviewed by Melanie, Enchanting Reviews

Meet Tiron, the heroine of this fantastic story. She is a young woman with the weight of the world on her shoulders, but she has the strength and determination to carry it. She is a woman of infinite tenderness, who has been thrust into a situation not of her making and is coping with it the only way she knows how. She dreams of love and acceptance and tenderness, but has taught herself to present a façade to protect herself. She has wanted to find happiness for so long, but it has always eluded her. Until the day she meets a man who may be able to change that by seeing past the façade to the real Tiron.

Our hero, Thomas, is a man of strength and tenderness all wrapped in one. He is a man who upholds the law, but is getting tired and disillusioned with the city life. He has been searching for something just out of reach; something missing that he can‘t explain. He finds it in the most unexpected place - a bust. Now, all that he was waiting for may be possible with Tiron. Love knows no bound and he will discover just how far those bounds go, even out to outer space.

This is the story of two people searching for the unattainable ideal of love. So far it has passed them by. But a unplanned encounter and the opportunity is presented. Neither expected to find what they were looking for in the other. Added in to the confusion of love is the menacing shadow of a crazed killer stalking Tiron just as she thinks she has found heaven. Will she find hell on Earth instead?

TIRON is the second book in the RUNNER’S MOON series. I really loved this story! The characters are so gentle and loving. The imagery Ms. Mooney writes is so descriptive and vivid that the characters come alive. It made me wish for an alien of my own. The ending brought tears to my eyes and a yearning for the next story. It is going to be torture waiting for the next installment. I really love this series and can not wait for the next book. I think that Ms. Mooney is a wonderful author and that her brand of romance will appeal to many different kinds of readers. Purchase your copy of TIRON today!