Reviews for Sand Castle

Reviewed by Denise Kivett, Rogues and Romance

Whew! What a fantastic read!

Terrie has had it rough the past few years with her mother’s death, battling leukemia herself, and Phillip walking out. But now, she’s moved back to her hometown in Texas, and things are really looking up for her. She’s healthier, and dealing with everything that has happened to her fairly well. Now she’s ready to grab a hold of everything that’s thrown at her, and take it on in full-force, including Paul Leeds and his family. But he’s married…isn’t he?...

Sandcastle is set in present-day.  Linda Mooney has crafted very strong and independent characters all across the board in Sandcastle. They have all had their struggles, and living off of the Gulf is a place where they all find themselves recovering and starting life anew. It’s a fantastic story!

Definitely one for your keeper shelf!