Reviews for Sandeflay

Reviewed by jhayboy, Romance Junkies 

Sandeflay, is a parallel planet to earth, where the inhabitants fall into two categories: the creatures your nightmares are made of that come through the duct that forms between the two worlds, and the "Extinguishers" who deal with these creatures and close the ducts.

Collin, one of Sandeflay’s finest, has exceeded the time that an "Extinguisher" stays in service. Along with his pet tygren, he lives simply and is up most nights dealing with closing ducts and the monsters that come through them. Dedicated to the job, he has no time for the paraplegic that lives one floor below. When she literally falls into his arms, he takes on board more than he bargains for.

Miranda has always felt that she can deal with anything life throws at her, and painfully aware of her limitations, she keeps her hopes realistic. When she is helped by the handsome stranger from upstairs, she accepts it at face value and is determined not to get flustered by his display of interest.

Collin is instantly attracted to Miranda, and although she thinks it’s out of pity, he must convince her that what he feels is the real thing. When things go wrong in their building, he has no choice but to return to Sandeflay. Perilously injured and not sure of his survival, he begs the powers that be to bring Miranda to him.

From the moment Miranda arrives on Sandeflay, she knows she has limited time to have everything she has always desired with the man of her dreams. When unexpected miracles happen and new revelations are made, can Collin and Miranda’s love be third-time lucky for two people who will do anything to be together?

SANDEFLAY is an absolutely stunning read by Ms. Mooney; her characters are endearing and her fictional world of Sandeflay is a place I would be delighted to visit.

I went through a whole range of emotions while reading this book including love for the characters and the world of Sandeflay, empathy for Miranda and her limitation along with the seemingly unwinnable situation between Collin and herself, respect for the sacrifices that Collin has made for his planet, his job and his pet, and heartbreak when the plot took some nail biting twists and turns.

The love that Collin and Miranda have for each other is so strong it is a thing of beauty. Ms. Mooney has surpassed all expectations with SANDEFLAY.

Reviewed by Molly Daniels, Molly's Musings

Finished Sandeflay last night! WOW! I correctly guessed a certain detail, but was wrong on another, and another detail in the ending surprised me. Well done, Linda! Yes, this book is long, but it is WORTH IT! Very well thought out.

Reviewed by Melanie, Enchanting Reviews

Let’s meet Collin First, a man quite unlike some of the men you would meet today. A man who takes his job very seriously; some would say too much so. Unless of course you are from his plane of existence and his job could save the world and does every day. For you see, he is an Extinguisher and they have to have their mind on their job at all times. Because there are things that come into our world through Ducts from his world that could destroy us all. But it would seem Collin has become a little preoccupied with a young woman from our world named Miranda. And he thinks he has fallen in love with her - something his world forbids, but he will try all in his power to stay with her even if it costs him his life.

Let’s meet Miranda Sayers, a young woman who has been confined to a wheelchair most of her life. Her grandmother has had to go to a nursing home and Miranda has been left on her own. And that is something she cannot cope well with. She has always wanted to be like other young women - have a job, get married, have children; but it is only a dream to her. Something so far out of reach she can only dream. Then one day she looks into the hazel eyes of Collin and her world is turned upside down.

This is the story of two young people always looking for just a little more out of life even though they think it will never happen. Collin has a job that requires all of his attention and Miranda, well, all she knows is the wheelchair under her legs and thinks that is all anyone will ever see, not the young fierce heart that beats there; never dreaming that Collin might actually look at her in a romantic way. But he does and their worlds are going to be turned upside down, and the adventure of a lifetime is beginning for Miranda. For you see, Colin is not of our world.

I loved this story. It had the entire heart-string-pulling you come to expect from Ms. Mooney, but always with a little something extra. She never disappoints her readers. I really loved the characters and the way they were drawn to each other. I loved Collin’s pet and you will too. I loved all the character development in this story and I hope we get more stories from this world about other Extinguishers and their lives. I always come away from a Linda Mooney book with a little tear and a few stars in my eyes for her books are what romance is made of. People that truly care about one another and not just sex but there is that too but it is done in such a way that you just feel the love between the characters and wish them well.

Now a little about our author, Ms Linda Mooney. She is married with two sons and is a kindergarten teacher. She has taken a lot of her time to write us these fantastic novels. She has written for several publishers and for Whiskey Creek Press Torrid. She has had three best sellers in the past few months and is even writing more as we speak. And she has received a new contract for more of her books and I cannot wait to get my hands on them.

Reviewed by Melisa, Simply Romance Reviews

Miranda Sayers was in a horrible accident that left her in a wheelchair. Her gorgeous neighbor one floor up, Collin First, tries to look out for her, he’s nice, but Randi knows they have no future. A man like Collin would want a perfect woman, a whole woman. What Randi doesn’t know is that there is something extremely rare and special about her.

Collin is an Extinguisher from the planet Sandeflay. His job is to keep the big ugly, dangerous beasts from coming through Ducts that can be made with disks the Extinguishers keep on them. Ducts open from Sandeflay to Earth and our worst nightmares come to life in animal form.

An Extinguisher’s life is a lonely life, but Collin has a pet, Bud. Bud is a tygren—on Sandeflay a tygren is one of those big bads that we try to avoid. But since Collin raised him from a cub, he’s tame—ish. When Randi sees him for the first time, the 800 pound animal terrified. Bud has the ability to blend into his surroundings, but when not in stealth mode, he looks like a bear with tiger stripes. And with one meeting, he makes Randi his new best friend.

An emergency causes and almost fatal disaster, but Collin’s main concern is Randi. Earth women can’t live on Sandeflay, their bodies can’t tolerate the atmosphere. Even though her time might be limited, she wants to spend all she can with Collin. She wants to live and be the woman that he sees her as. But within the first day, Randi starts showing signs of distress. Determined not to lose her, Collin, starts breaking the laws of his planet. He marries Randi in secret, and the two start on their perfect honeymoon. Barely one day into their marriage, Collin decides he’ll do what ever he has to to keep Randi as his wife.

Sandeflay is more advanced in medicine than on Earth, and they find something that helps Randi to walk again. But this isn’t the only miracle that is happening. Randi has the ability to see the creatures of Sandelfay that normal people can’t see until it’s too late. Many question this ability, and then stories from Randi’s childhood, told by her mother come to mind, stories that connect with Sandeflay. Truths come to the surface and proof is needed to back up a claim. But when Randi is set back to Earth, she has to make a deadline or lose the man she loves forever.

Let me tell you, the shocks and wow’s in this book are outstanding. Sandeflay sounds like a place I would love to visit or even live. This book is full of life and the people are wonderfully real. Collin is a hunk and in a few paragraphs you fall for him hard. Randi is a strong woman, and when she finds that place inside her, the one that she hid years ago, that lady is one that is so easy to like and in time you cheer for her and Collin. Especially when Linda throws one more extra surprise into the mix. Great book, a definite keeper.

Reviewed by Dee Dailey, The Romance Studio

Miranda Sayers’ wheelchair is taking her to certain pain and injury when the ramp on the handicapped van malfunctions. Collin First, who shares an apartment in the same building, comes to the rescue. To Miranda’s surprise he seems attracted to her. Their fledgling friendship is just starting when Randi comes face to face with Bud, an eight hundred pound animal like she’s never seen before. Imagine a huge puppy with fangs!

From this almost gentle beginning Linda Mooney powers up a story that I couldn’t put down. Turns out Collin is an Extinguisher from a parallel world. His job is to prevent any of the voracious animals that could literally eat up a city from coming through the Ducts that open up between the worlds. As she spins the story and the love develops between the two, or three, counting Bud, it just gets better and better.

Ms. Mooney doesn’t shy away from the issue of a relationship between a paraplegic and a handsome stud. Instead she lets the story grow with it.

I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Sandeflay. It parallels our world but some things are so much more advanced just as some things seem primitive in an exotic kind of way. I’m thrilled that I couldn’t predict how this author would work things out. Just when I thought I’d guessed the path she would take she’d veer off on a side path that was much better than the simple storyline I’d envisioned.

This story is rich in characters, love, eroticism and beautiful fantasy. Linda Mooney has done an excellent job of penning a story that will be fun for anyone who likes to get lost in a great book.

Reviewed by Carey, Toot's Book Reviews

Audiobook Review - Yes I'm a super fan of Linda Mooney but that's because she writes such unique stories with memorable characters and Sandeflay is no exception.I mean come on, who doesn't love a wheelchair bound kick ass heroine and a lonely sexy neighbor hero? seriously?!?
I won't ruin the the book but let's just say it starts off with the mysterious neighbor hero falling in love from afar with our heroine (despite her disability, might I add) and that's before we even find out about all the sci-fi deliciousness. Our hero is part of an elite pest control/zoo keeper/military squad that controls the creepy crawlies from his world that are somehow making their way to earth. His focus is to keep a low profile, not take up with Earthlings and to keep us safe from the nasties - but then there's this girl and he just can't stop thinking about her.....
If you want a beautiful love story with super unique characters that grow and change and evolve into a perfect team with a sci-fi twist, give this romance a try. You wont regret it!