Reviewed by Carey, Toot's Book Reviews

Audiobook Review -
Honestly this would be 5 stars for me but I'm just not a huge fan of insta-love but that's just me. Otherwise, storywise this book was amazing and like all of Linda Mooney's books, pleasantly unexpected. This is a "two world collide" kinda PNR book on many levels with a bit of mystery tied in.
Our heroine finds herself adrift in the Grand Canyon after an henious accident that has wiped her memory; only to be rescued by a mysterious indigenous people secretly living in the basin. Mystery, intrigue, romance and rescues abound from all sides and OMG, can I just say? I love when people both rescue each other! It's not just the men who can do all the rescuing. Girl Power!!!
Definitely one-click this wonderful tale and be at peace with the wonderful imagery that the author spins. It's beautiful