Reviewed by Alberta, Manic Readers

In a galaxy far, far away, in a time far into the future, Will captains a space ship that is largely charged with peace keeping missions. On a routine trip, she finds a hostile ship with prisoners aboard, and it is her duty to retrieve them and return them to their own planets and families. One of the prisoners is not like the others, however. He is a strange wild-looking humanoid, who has been a board the ship and mistreated for about 20 years, since he was 9 years old.

He is a rarity, and Willís ship doctors canít figure out what species he is or where he comes from. As time passes, they find the bad guys who kidnapped him want him back at any cost, even if they have to destroy planets and declare war. At the same time the humanoid, they call Vall, falls in love with Will, calling her Ďhis Willí. Amazingly she falls in love with him also, which isnít done in this future world.

When Vall gets better, stronger, and begins to communicate, more of his history becomes clear, and his super powers begin to manifest, but circumstances and Willís orders keep them apart.

I couldnít put Vallís Will down. There is non-stop action, excellent writing, plus a new problem and/or mystery around every corner. What will happen to the lovers? How will a galaxy war be averted? What will Vallís part be in the grand scheme of things, and what will Willís role be?

I think youíll like the story and the characters. We learn much more about Will, as well as the perceived roles of women in the future, than we do of Vall, but that doesnít seem to matter. We like Vall from minute one, and root for him all the way.