After her parents passing, Shelby was left to run the family inn, the Fyreside Inn. It is now the off-season and Shelby is contemplating what she should do with all her free time and is considering a new hobby. It's Christmas Eve and she decides to lie down and take a nap. Upon waking and deciding on a shower before bed she approaches the bathroom and hears humming. Upon casing the entire house to check all rooms, windows and locks she finds everything secure. As it was a cold evening, Shelby decides to start a fire. Upon entering her room there's a nude man standing at the foot of her bed. Shelby calls 911 and when the local officers arrive, the house was deemed clear of any signs of breaking and entering or any trespassers.

Winter's Fyre has a very intriguing story line where two timelines cross bringing together a couple. Shelby and Wayne get to know each other and are attracted to each other under very unusual circumstances. This is a wonderfully happy paranormal holiday story. It's sure to warm your heart any time of the year. If you've seen the movie "The Lake House" and loved it I think you'll completely fall in love with Shelby and Wayne's story as well.

~ Reviewed by Raine

This story was a pleasant surprise. Shelby is alone for Christmas and wishes for someone to love. Wayne is also alone for the holiday, but there is something that isn’t quite right going on in the old Victorian house. But who is haunting whom?

I really liked the concept of this short story. It worked, even when I thought it wouldn’t and where I thought there’d be kinks. The writing and dialogue was crisp, yet flowing. There were moments of both tenderness and great sexual tension.

Carolyn Gregg has created a world where anything and everything is possible, but the most important things are still the connections people make with one another.

~ Reviewed by Aster
Whipped Cream

Young Shelby Fyre is experiencing her first Christmas season on her own. Losing her mother and her father rather unexpectedly in a two-month period in the Spring, she had considered selling the Fyreside Inn, the bed-and-breakfast which had been their home and business since Shelby was three. But she remained, unable to give up her memories, and hoping to utilise her business degree.

On Christmas Eve Shelby hears a voice, and wakes up to smell bacon frying. Even more frightening, there is a man pleasuring himself in her bedroom-but he disappears! She can see him-sometimes; he can see her-sometimes. How can they both exist in the same house at the same time?

Author Carolyn Gregg takes a speculative fiction spin in this delightful and scintilating romantic fantasy tale. I was certainly surprised at the path of the story, but found it gratifying nonetheless. Ms. Gregg doesn’t dump a happy ending in your lap, but she does leave the reader thinking, hoping, and wishing on a Star.

~ Reviewed by Frost