Reviews for Mine Until Midnight

Reviewed by Liza O'Connor, The Multiverses of Liza O'Connor

This book has everything you could ask for.
Our hero, Ruce Hault is bored and asked his AI ship to find a planet so he can have some fun.
This could have easily been the WORST decision he’d ever made. But due to a beautiful woman and his ability to out-play seasoned cheats in a card game, it will turn out to be a fabulous decision, albeit one that nearly kills him and did hurt like hell.
Everything about this book was fabulous!
The writing, the scene set ups, the mixing of an old cowboy movie with spaceships and metallic robot horses. The non-stop action. The likability of the good characters and the utter dislike of the villain. The wonderful townspeople who also hate the cheat in charge and risk their lives helping Ruce and Remi.
Both the hero and heroine have secrets that makes them think they are unlovable, but both are better than the prejudices that have kept them alone ‘til now.
Reviewed by Carey, Toot's Book Reviews

Audiobook Review - Yeah I know, I know and yes you heard me right. This is a Sci-fi meets Western Romance. The main characters live in a sci-fi story but end up on a planet that is more like a historical western romance with crooked poker players, prostitutes, horses and trains but make no mistake at it's core is a sci-fi romance. Even though it's a mix of tropes, I thoroughly enjoyed the story.