by Monica, Happily Ever After Reviews

Rub My Pumpkin by Carolyn Gregg is a sweet, sweet story that brings warmness to your heart and also laughter. Who would have thought that a pumpkin could posses so much warmth and sweetness but for the Kimberly it is just her nature of being. Kimberly is a witchlet, which is an interesting term for a human/witch. There are different types of witches that have powers to do different things and this family has very different powers that you could not imagine.

Then you have Rick whom is a human and finds himself in a new town with his best friend. His issue is that he is shy around the ladies. But all that can change in a blink of an eye if only his friend can mind his own business. Why can't someone just be happy for their friend no matter who he might seek to fall in love with? You will find yourself laughing and giggling in this book on how Rick’s best friend, Booey, is portrayed. You will be amazed in the amount of love someone can feel in a matter of a glance to know that you are destined to be with that person and no matter what you will do anything to be with them. Read Rub My Pumpkin by Carolyn Gregg and get a different feeling towards our only day a year Halloween.
4 Tea Cups!